Brisbane’s Top 5 Acai Bowls & Top Tips for Ordering


Thanks to the amazing Amazonia team, Organic Acai Bowls are popping up left right and centre over Brisbane. Amazonia Acai is both a delicious and healthy way to start the day however it always pays to be cautious how they are served. We all know the amazing benefits that this Amazon fruit provides, including Omegas 3, 6 & 9, over 50 essential nutrients (many unique to the rich Amazon soil), 2-3 times the antioxidant levels of blueberries AND it makes for a DELICIOUS, light & healthy breakfast option!

BUT I have some clear preferences for where to get my Acai & guidelines when ordering (Tips To Ordering below the Top 5), because unfortunately sometimes these bowls can be deceptively filled with more negatives than positives!

Top 5 Acai Bowls in Brisbane

1. Charlie’s Raw Squeeze

Im sure everyone has been bedazzled by the AMAZING bowls that Charlie whips up and its not just Acai! Fruit Bowls, Cacao Bowls + Specials for whatever is in season these guys really get creative and not just with their flavour combinations! Most renowned for their decorative skills, the bowls are nothing less than a piece of art! Plenty of eye + tummy candy and it gets prepared while you’re grocery shopping!

2. Sol Natural Foods, Fortitude Valley

With all organic ingredients, house made roasted nuts, fruit stick skewer and a side of Coyo – this Acai Bowl regularly trumps all. The original design for the bowl was created instantaneously by the fabulously talented head chef Jade Sharpe and encapsulates the talent that exists within this cafe/bakery/restaurant’s doors! Find my full review here x

3. Kiss the Berry

The girls at KTB are truly Acai specialists and with a menu dedicated entirely to the Amazon fruit, you are sure to find a flavour combination and mix in that you love! KTB most likely has the largest range of flavours which they have mastered – from Tropical to Peanut Butter & Cacao bowls (my favourite) they are equipped to cater to your differences and add something here and there! My ultimate favourite was the Snickers Bowl (Acai, PB, cacao) – if you haven’t yet tried this combo, its a definite must! Find a previous review here

4. Steam Train Espresso

This cafe is only new on the block, but they definitely have their menu well sorted. They offer three different options including original, PB & cacao and the green acai bowl – all of which are delish and nutritious. I opted to have mine made on water and it wasn’t missing any flavour + the size is impressive, filling and creates a perfect breakfast (and well balanced when spinach/super greens are added through!).

5. Deetox Health Cafe

Deetox 2

Being paleo-based cafe your options for the Acai bowl are instantly broadened to the point where you are unrestricted with choice. Choose your liquid (coconut milk or almond milk or coco water), choose your base (green, cacao, original), choose your mix-ins (because they have a few) and then its served with Paleo granola and fresh fruit – you can even add some RAW Vegan Amazonia Paleo Protein or some of their superfood range! The options are available if you want them, but if not, the pre-designed bowls are delicious and easily whipped up super quick for you to take away!

3 Top Tips To Ordering:

1. Amazonia brand only and Amazonia ‘Acai Pure’ preferably. Amazonia is certified organic, cultivated WITH the locals from the Amazon (and not exploited from them), RAW & free from GMO, fillers and additives. The Acai Pure has no added sugar which makes it slightly bitter in taste, but when combined with the right ingredients makes no difference. The Acai Energy has organic cane sugar to preserve + keep it a bit sweeter which some may prefer.

2. Liquid Choice – no apple juice (and I try to avoid juice where possible even when cold pressed, the Acai is honestly sweet enough and you don’t want to overload). Choose coconut water OR plain water.

3. Mix ins – natural fruit only. Most will be made on banana and berries, Amazonia makes a conscious effort to keep consistency between stores but there may be variations. Never fruit puree. No additional honey. I LOVE adding spinach (for extra greens ;)). 

Stay tuned for the release of my very own Amazonia Acai Bowl – coming soon!

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7 thoughts on “Brisbane’s Top 5 Acai Bowls & Top Tips for Ordering

  1. What a great review! Answered so many questions that are usually unanswered without contacting the cafes. I’m always sceptical about these bowls but you’ve clearly hunted out the genuine cafes who are offering a truly healthy version. PLUS, being from regional Qld I get overwhelmed trying to find a truly healthy cafe in Brisbane. Thanks so much!

    1. Ah! So great to hear that it has helped you out! I’m proud to be the one to ask all the questions for you! Hope you enjoy your next Acai bowl here in Brisbane! x

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