WOAH! Instagram Glitch & Popularity Overhaul


Did you notice the change? Over night Instagram followers sky rocketed on accounts and left us all wondering, what the heck is going on?

In the blink of an eye I hit 21k (while grateful, it ruined my 20k giveaway plans – stay tuned p.s.!) and many others around me grew, mostly proportional to the number of followers they had previously acquired.

This morning the rumour was confirmed, with Instagram confirming this momentary popularity spike is a bug and will be returning to normal asap.

From #youcantsitwithus to suddenly #youcan – many will be wondering where this ‘fake’ influx of accounts came from.

Did you know there are in fact many fake and bought followers out there? Yep, you betcha! It’s now official – money can in fact buy you friends.

Want to read more on this exploitative practices? I covered it all in my recent #genuineacocunt article.

Find out why I have never and will never consider this fair here.

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