All Real Food – set to go in Brisbane!

Have you heard about All Real Food? You may have seen some pictures similar to those above, the massive vending machine filled with ready-to-go salads? Well, that’s exactly what they are. Delicious, healthy and organic meals ready to go and for Brisbane, they are no longer something we only wish we could have.

With a focus on eating real food and not conforming to any particular diets, All Real Food range of salads and raw treats caters to most dietary preferences! The ingredients are locally sourced and organic where possible + the flavour combinations are sure to keep you coming back for more, they are modestly delicious.

For the recent launch, the team preferred to not serve the guests 6 courses of salads! So instead, we were treated to an innovative menu made from the feature ingredients from the All Real Food range! From coconut bacon on toast, osmosis chicken, fresh potato gnocchi with organic basil, coconut labne and the chocolate coconut tarte – it was the ultimate health food degustation. Progressively working through the dishes it was clear that this is not only an incredibly beneficial creation for Australia and most importantly Brisbane, but rather that it is going to be a very successful one at that.

How does it work?

These salads are stocked in cafes around Brisbane (find the full list here) and in their very own exclusively designed vending machines! Described as a Self Service Cafe, the interactive vending machine will assist you in selecting your chef created meal! The options available are packed full of our favourite superfoods, nuts and seeds and are sold in eco-friendly jars and can of course be re-used! They seal the ingredients in and the oxygen out to ensure these salads last for a few days after purchase even though they are in fact replaced daily for freshness with left overs donated to charity!

So, what’s in the vending machine? Well, a whole range of healthy items, clearly labelled with ingredients & dietary preference information + nutritional tips and benefits! The range includes:


At the moment there are 10 salads – I’m going crazy for the Beetroot Bliss and Tex Mex.

Salad Toppers

You can also grab ‘salad toppers’ – protein to add to the otherwise vegetarian (and vegan options) salads. Pulled meat, free range chicken and lamb are among the five options to choose.


Okay before I even describe this, I need to just point out that the Quinoa Parfait is a must in your life. The quinoa is fluffy, the apple is cooked perfectly and the yoghurt is that full fat, wholesome addition that just ensures this takes the cake for me. So thick, soft and not sickly sweet – I’m in love.

There is also breakfast muesli, bircher, avo on toast and chia pudding. I swear I am going to be living next to these machines at this rate!

Snacks & Sweets

To top it all off (if it hasn’t already been) there are snacks and sweets to go! Can I just personally vouch for how damn delicious the raw chocolate mint slice tastes? Its perfection, honestly, I am unsure if I have tasted one better.

The Essentials; 

Current Outlets:


IG: @allrealfood


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