Picnic Cafe Winter Menu

If your familiar with healthy eats around Brisbane, you probably are aware of the Venzin Group by now! Gina Venzin is the mastermind behind our favourite, and newly renovated, café and restaurant line that includes Paw Paw Café, Green Papaya and of course, Picnic Café.

Picnic café has many things to celebrate. If the launch of a new winter menu wasn’t enough, they have also finished renovations which have added warmth and cosy vibes just in time for the cooler temps!

Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day. Starting your morning with vital fuel for your body is a priority for everyone, but it’s essential to fuel it right. Luckily, Picnic Cafe’s new menu proves once again to be a success in providing everything you need and want in a warm, guilt-free Winter breakfast.

The favourite dish of the morning was hands down the smashed avocado with Za’atar feta, a perfectly poached egg on sourdough. Although an old time classic, it’s as good as ever! The Smashed Avo is pleasing for the vegetarians (note: you can add meat as a side for the avid bacon fan) and of course comes with the option of choosing gluten free bread (always a plus).

Second to old favourites and also highly recommended is the sweet potato fritters with sweet corn relish and green sauce. Once again, add bacon or haloumi for an extra protein hit (oh #sugarfree sides, you are certainly not hard to enjoy!).

As the name suggests, the vibe is relaxed and ‘picnic’ like with funky décor and furnishings. The staff are always happy to cater for larger groups and the menu is seasonal, so it’s important to keep going back to check out what’s new on the menu!

Until the next foodie adventure,

Tayla xxx

The Essentials:

Picnic Cafe, 12 Martha St Camp Hill, Brisbane

Phone: 3398 6600

Opening Hours:
Open Daily 7am – 3pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/picniccamphill

Instagram: @picniccafe


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