Train & Nourish

A very exciting first for the KBSugarfree community – a double collaboration and a new & exciting opportunity for the Brisbane community!

 Train & Nourish – the ultimate health and wellness affair.

Train & Nourish – WHY?

These days a ‘healthy lifestyle’ is A LOT harder than it may at first seem. With the plentiful opinions surrounding ‘health’, it’s beginning to feel there is no way to succeed – which is NOT COOL. 

You think that being ‘healthy’ would involved ‘eating well’ and ‘exercising’ – but we are fast learning it’s not that simple. Why? Because eating well can mean a thousand different things and the ‘right’ exercise can vary just as easily.

Do you ever wish that being healthy was a plain, simply and clear?

Well, it is now. Starting TODAY.

And NO, it won’t cost you an arm, leg and mortgage. Just 15 DOLLARS. 

Train & Nourish – HOW?

Well, I have teamed up with Brisbane’s best training facility and healthy cafe to organise an exclusive deal – are you ready?

Meet F45 Training Newstead and Press’d. Two very popular, very successful and very genuine businesses who have been independently changing and improving Brisbane’s healthy opportunities. Now, it’s time for them to do this collaboratively, because as they say – two brains are better than one (I guess it’s three brains if you include me!).

Train & Nourish – WHAT?

TRAIN (FREE but RRP $30) with an unique, 45 minute workout that is high intensity and conditioning for your entire body. F45 Training Newstead offers a dynamic, functional and grinding workout each and every morning, lunch and afternoon. Guaranteed to burn calories fast and strengthen muscles you have never worked before. Best of all – it’s FREE for all new members. Not just the one workout, but the 7 workouts following your initial session. Need more info? Find my 10 Reasons Why F45 is Dominating the Brisbane Fitness Industry here.

Enter KBSUGARFREE when registering here – and be sure to register as the classes fill up fast!

NOURISH ($15) with an EXCLUSIVE organic, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian breakfast/lunch. What we like to call the ‘F45 Breakfast’ at Press’d in Tenerife. This menu item is the perfect post-workout option – with soft poached eggs (nature’s natural superfood & packed with organic protein), wilted spinach and kale (green goodness!), garlic mushrooms, avocado (the ultimate GOOD FAT) and a sweet potato hash (goodbye bread hellooooooooo GOOD CARBS!). ONLY available AFTER a F45 workout – simply collect the EXCLUSIVE token from the front desk at F45 and present it to the beautiful staff at Press’d (at any time of the day!).

Train & Nourish - Breakfast!

No more grey areas. No more doubts.

Train & Nourish is all about doing ‘healthy’ right. Exercise RIGHT with professional and passionate trainers and then eat RIGHT with a wholesome, organic and nourishing post workout meal!




Sign up to F45 for FREE –

Find F45 Classes –

Check out Press’d Menu –

For any questions or inquiries, please email me at, Nina at or Jon at – See you all there!

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