Fishtales & Sustainable Seafood

Firstly, you may be wondering what exactly is ‘sustainable seafood’. Well, sustainable meaning ‘able to be maintained’ and seafood being ‘the nutrient rich meat that we know and love’ – ‘sustainable seafood’ essentially comes down to seafood that is grown, caught and supplied through environmentally friendly practices.

It is clear to most that trawling the seas for fish is not maintainable, not only because of the MASS amount of fish removed from ecosystems BUT also because of the damage to the environment and other sea life that these methods can cause.

Sustainable seafood is all about having an enduring relationship with the ocean and wildlife. Growing populations clearly call for larger amounts of food BUT it’s so clear that it’s NOW more important than ever that we consider the human footprint on the earth and ocean. Sustainable seafood is the result of that consideration and it is a critical element in the future of seafood.

So, what might sustainable seafood practices involve? Well, take the ‘Saikou’ sushi grade salmon (used by Brisbane’s finest seafood restaurants) – the salmon farm is located in a man-made hydro canal running between two alpine lakes which naturally ensures fast flowing currents for the fish to swim against! Two million gallons of pure glacial water runs through the farm every minute – it leaves no agricultural or environmental pollution, the fish are fed a diet free of hormones and GMOs. ‘Free Range’ fish – and the taste was impeccably distinguishable. Better than anything I have EVER tasted on a sushi roll!

Held at The Golden Pig (who host AMAZING cooking classes), the Fishtales event was one for catchers and growers to share their history, provenance and serving suggestions with the buyers and distributors. Every single stall had a story to tell and were there for a purpose – to help spread the sustainable seafood message.

The massive range of seafood on offer was caught using humane catching and packing techniques, grown in natural and nutrient rich environments and were of course certified sustainable. The taste difference is beyond imaginable – forget that disgusting ‘fishy’ taste that turns you from good seafood, the produce was remarkably fresh and had the most delicate flavour (my Mum even managed to swallow a piece of salmon, a first!).

If you aren’t already supporting sustainable seafood, I cannot stress how important it is for you to start. Remember, you vote with your dollar. That means, if you purchase products from non sustainable companies, you are supporting them and enabling them to continue producing. If you support companies that are certified sustainable, you are encouraging those producers and showing demand for their humane & environmentally friendly practices WHICH MEANS others will soon follow in their footsteps.

If everyone starts to support sustainable seafood then we can be assured of maintaining our precious oceans, the wildlife within them and most importantly, we can continue to enjoy the delicious, nutrient rich seafood that we all so very much enjoy!

Want to find out more on Fishtales and the work they do? Find it all on their website:

Find a list of The Fish Tales clients (#sustainableseafood producers!) here

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