Nola Portside – New Orleans Louisiana

“What a wonderful world… at NOLA Portside!”

Looking for a funky, unique place to catch up with friends or a cheeky cheat meal? Look no further, Nola is the new place to be!

When you step inside the venue its like a scene from mardi gras; immediately enter into the soulful sound world of jazz music, and enjoy some classic New Orlean’s cocktails like the house favourite, “Hurricane”.

Following drinks is of course the food and you can expect authentic, traditional and delicious New Orleans flavours! There is a large a variety of options suited to please everyone, ranging from the classic Creole Jambalaya to Pan Roasted Salmon.

While American style food is typically heavy and not so #guiltfree, Nola’s menu actually has some of us health conscious folk covered. Don’t be mistaken, for many this restaurant will be the ultimate deep fried feast, but on the opening night the menu was delicately revised and some KBS approved options were found:

From the Appetizers 

Tip: Look for anything that isn’t ‘fried’ or ‘crispy’. Nola will certainly please any sugar free diner with their cheese plate (just go easy on the honey and house-made jams) and the Fresh Wood Fired Price Edward Island Black Mussels also caught the eye! Seafood served with charred corn & roasted peppers (vegetables – tick) plus a ham broth (slow cooked, mineral rich liquid – tick!).

From the Salads because you DO MAKE FRIENDS with salad!

Well actually, there were a few salads that appealed to the health conscious eye. And you know what, don’t hold back on ordering all three – why not #treatyoself (with salad!). Hold the dressing and add a protein (or simply order the Beef Carpaccio) on the side (or the mussels/cheese from above) and you are looking at a fabulous array of wholesome dining options. Some of the favourites included – Creekstone Beef Carpaccio – Sheaux fresh farms baby arugula, baby cress, capers, shallots, dijon aioli. 2) Roasted Beet Salad – Petite greens, house-made cheese, crispy country ham, Tabasco pecans, apple-moonshine vinaigrette.  3) Assorted Baby Lettuces – Marinated grape tomatoes, belle écorce farms goat cheese, pistachios, herb-balsamic vinaigrette. 

ALSO super excited to see sugar snap peas as an option for sides ummmm yes please! Along with the sautéed shrimp, bourbon mashed sweet potatoes it is clear that dining from the salads and sides along is more than satisfying!

And finally, Mains 

You can never pass up a pan roasted salmon, steak or rib eye – especially to accompany those delish salads above! Of course, the proteins aren’t just served as is and they each are complimented with unique sides. From herb couscous ratatouille to cauliflower puree and even some chimichurri with the rib eye – you are sure to not be disappointed. The biggest tip for the mains of course is to request dressing/sauce on the side! 

NOLA truly captures the soul and flavours of New Orleans and clearly has some healthy options available! If your friends are looking for a naughty dinner (note: naughty options were clearly not described in this article, but there are most definitely some) but you are looking for something that won’t ruin your spin class – you now have your venue!

The Essentials:

Nola, Portside Wharf, 7/39 Hercules Street

Phone: (07) 3216 4999



Instagram: @nola_portside

Written work & images provided by the talented healthy baker & eater, Meghan Buchanan

(Brisbane Healthy Eats Contributor)

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