Why you NEED to mark Regional Flavours in your 2016 calendar

Regional Flavours

It’s a bit premature, in fact, the dates for 2016 aren’t even released yet BUT I thought I would get in early to let you know why this event is a Brisbane MUST!

Firstly, and most importantly, FOOD. Yep, this event is massive on retailing our favourite consumables to throw money at. Essentially, the festival was created to showcase Brisbane’s regional growers, producers and merchants. Our region is absolutely flourishing with beautiful produce and we have some pretty talented chefs who show this off this perfectly in their signature dishes. In 2015, the FOOD aspect of Regional Flavours involved a massive variety of local Brisbane businesses hosting stalls along the South Bank Parkland and selling their delicious, and most popular, food and beverages.

The arrangement of food on offer was both naughty and nice, but plenty of those moderation (in between foods) also! Participating in food festivals like Regional Flavours isn’t something that the ‘dieter’,’paleo warrior’ or ‘sugarfree-er’ should be intimidated by – there are always going to be options available it’s just a matter of taking a few extra minutes to source them!

Regional Flavours - Buchi & fermented foods

My three top tips for food festivals:

1. Take a few strolls around the festival before investing your money to a stall. Suss out what is available and spy on some of the food that other people are enjoying to see if it fits your preferences

2. When you spot delicious food in someone else’s hands e.g. a plate of organic, fermented sauerkraut and organic sourdough, ASK them where they got it from! They are going to be both complimented that your eyeing off their food and pleased to send support to the business they also support!

3. It’s fairly obvious by now that I always recommend to AVOID SAUCES. Just take an extra second to double check what’s involved in the creation of the food you are purchasing! For example, a grilled lamb and halloumi skewer is sugar free, but it loses that title when a vinaigrette is poured over the top. But check! Vinaigrette or freshly squeezed lemon juice? Stall holder’s not sure? Then PASS! It’s super easy and you can still enjoy delicious food (they are putting that vinaigrette on for flavour, yes, but grilled lamb and halloumi really is delicious itself)

Regional Flavours – The Food Presentations
Everyone can admit that they always have room for improvement when it comes to cooking, right? Well, just our luck that there were an array of celebrity chefs and personalities showing us the ins and outs to cooking with some of the Regions’ most beautiful flavours! As a part of The Brisbane Marriott’s Sweet Escape, the one and only Lola Berry was up on stage amongst the sweeter treats showing smoothie options and healthy ways to #treatyoself! Also presenting in the South Bank pavilion, Lola shared her wealth of knowledge with the crowd in all things nutrition, food prep, food storage and of course, some delicious recipes! You could say it was a dream come true to finally be able to see this amazing and incredibly inspiring woman #trailblazer in the flesh!

Though I am clearly not a sweet’s fan, it was so great to see some of the skills that were demonstrated in the Marriott’s Sweet Escape during the creation of some exquisite desserts! Local Brisbane executive chefs were rubbing shoulders with master’s of the trade, particularly (my favourite) Adriano Zumbo, and showcasing their signature dishes and skills! I cannot help but observe and fascinate over how I could possibly recreate such pieces in a healthy way – though I acknowledge that I should most likely learn how to make pastry before trying to create healthy pastry!

The presentations were spread far and wide across the Parklands – with the River Cottage Australia located towards the river and surrounded by stalls supporting sustainability, health and wholesomeness! My favourite Bee One Third, local neighbourhood honey, were set up in their renovated cart, a beautiful piece to represent an even more beautiful brand with an inspiring motive behind it all (purposeful plug, please check out the work Jack and Amy do, it’s simply beautiful to learn about).

There was of course a dedicated section for the adults with plentiful amounts of cheese and wine, the liqueurs and craft beers – there was literally something for everyone at the regional flavours. Any ‘foodie’ or even ‘person with an interest in eating’ will be in awe of what the festival holds! By far one of Brisbane’s most well executed and popular food events (note that Eat South Bank managed to completely avoid a situation similar to ‘just because 20,000 people fit on the story bridge doesn’t mean they should’)!

In summary, the Regional Flavours hosts plenty of food, plenty of space, plenty of sustainable practices and some seriously good times!

The 2016 date is soon to be released, so keep an eye out on the following outlets:

Web: www.regionalflavours.com.au

FB: www.facebook.com/VisitSouthBank

IG: @visitsouthbank

Twitter: @visitsouthbank

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