All hail Queen of Pops

Coffee…caffeine a.k.a the liquid gold that puts a skip in your step of a morning – well Brisbane, it is time to rejoice because the Queen has built a beautiful (café) castle in Clayfield and has bought COFFEE POPSICLES to town!

Her royal highness ‘Queen of Pops’ located on Brisbane’s Northside don’t just do ah-may-zing coffee with their own special ‘Royal Highness’ brew, but they have pushed limits and taken coffee to the next level with their ‘Coffee Pops’.

How do you take yours? Long black? Latte? Cappuccino? How about frozen? It sounds bizarre but if you love coffee, you must try one! Each popsicle contains a double ristretto and is made with milk powder, cream, water and a little sweetener. So while the pops are not sugar free, they are made with all natural ingredients and could be considered a little ‘treat’ option for lovers of coffee.

In case you were wondering, there are six (6) crown jewels to choose from that essentially represent the typical drinks you can order in cafes, including:

– Long Black

– Café Latte

– Cappuccino

– Hot Chocolate

– Hot Mocha

– Chai Latte

‘But I don’t drink coffee’ did you say? Well, Queenie has you covered as there are options for the non-coffee drinkers among us too! For a delicious, healthy, all-natural option, request a cup of the Queen of Pops nitrogen brew tea. It’s something a little different, but quite refreshing, and more importantly, guilt-free. Love it!

Yes, it’s different, but it’s innovative, creative and cool all at the same time – very Brisbane. So for your next post gym coffee catch-up, think outside the square and enjoy one of the ‘Ice Cold Hot Shots’ that are Queen of Pops.

The Essentials:

Queen of Pops

Shop 4, 680 Sandgate Road, Clayfield



Instagram: @queenofpopsaustralia


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