Good Food Month’s Night Noodle Markets!

Do you ever get stuck for choice on where to dine for Asian cuisine? Craving Saki sushi but need New Shanghai’s dumplings on your plate too? The Good Food Month’s Night Noodle Markets are MOST DEFINITELY the event for you!

As a health conscious diner, I found the noodle markets relatively easy to eat at over other food festival events! As rice is the grain most predominantly used in Asian cuisine, our GF friends are going to be covered and of course, vegetarians friends will too, as they often cater for meat-friendly options. You may be curious if your meals are going to be #cockroach free after the scare that blew up on social media earlier in the week, but you can be rest assured that the council has thoroughly investigated the matter to prevent any further surprising #protein being added to our noodles!

Night Noodle Markets have really stepped it up this year!  Sourcing favourite Brisbane restaurants to fill the stalls, you can confidently expect the highest quality of food! From Saki, New Shanghai and even Nest Brisbane – all you could ever need/want from an Asian inspired feast is available right at Southbank (until the 2nd of August that is!). PLUS don’t forget about the retailers that surround the festival – you can have your dessert and eat it too, thanks to the proximity of our favourite Kiss The Berry!

If I can recommend one stall though, it would have to be Nest Restaurant.

Knowing the delicate preparation and ingredient selection that is ensured for Nest’s restaurant dishes, I was confident that their Night Noodle Market stall would host a range of equally delicious, fresh and healthy options. And I was not disappointed. The stall offers a selection of Nest Restaurant’s best dishes, including Thai Green Chicken Curry, Pad Thai, Vegetarian Curry and a Mi Goring. Opting for the Thai Green Curry & Pad Thai was the perfect choice for me, though every one around me were ordering evenly between the four choices. Thankfully the Pad Thai was packed full of flavour and WASN’T drenched in oil – a very unique and healthy approach which is super exciting to see (and eat!) ! The Curry was nothing short of amazing either, with a warming flavour for the inconsistent chilli temperatures.

With all this delicious flavours floating around, I was curious to find out where all of the inspiration and experience came from! I couldn’t help but send a few questions in the way of Nest’s head chef – and here is what he had to say!

  1. What does Nest Restaurant have on offer at the Night Noodle Market?

We are showcasing all of the classics! Our Pad Thai, Mee Goreng, and a flavoursome Malaysian Vegetable Curry and Thai Green Chicken Curry.

  1. What inspired the selection of items for the Night Noodle Markets?

 Noodles are a staple in the Asian diet and a symbol of longevity and long life so we take them very seriously here at Nest. We wanted to showcase our most popular dishes to the people of Brisbane, who we’ve noticed tend to like dishes that pack a flavoursome punch. We have used the freshest ingredients and a mixture of quality herbs and vegetables to ensure our signature tastes transfer from the restaurant to the Night Noodle Markets.

  1. Could you tell us a little about the Nest Menu in general and where the inspiration comes for the fusion of dishes?

Our menu draws inspiration from Chinese, Malay, Indonesian and Vietnamese dishes. We have recreated traditional Asian dishes from a western perspective and put an Asian spin on some Australian favourites as well.  A crowd favourite at the moment is our Honey Sesame Chicken with steamed jasmine rice and market greens – this dish is created with herbs grown in our sky garden and honey from our own bee hive. Many of the dishes on the menu have been created with seasonal produce in mind, I think it helps to keep the menu fresh and flavoursome all year round.

  1. It seems that every chef has an amazing story to tell, can you share some of your culinary journey so far? What were some of the highlights in your journey?

Mine kicked off at 17 when I moved to Melbourne to study and learn from some of Australia’s best chefs. Since then I have been lucky enough to work at some of Queensland’s best coastal restaurants in Port Douglas, Darwin and the Whitsundays – this is where I found my love for seafood. Working as head chef at Alto on Bourke St in Melbourne was a definite highlight.  The venue is known for its sustainability and forward thinking so I really had to think about creating dishes with a seasonal focus, it really allowed me to be mindful of current food trends and this is certainly something I am bringing to Nest.

  1. While you work magic in the Nest kitchen, what is your go-to meal when the pressure is off and you are at home?

 Anything fresh, light and simple! Being around food all day, I really appreciate the simplicity of a well-rounded meal that’s quick to make.

  1. What is the most exciting dish you have ever mastered?

I think the most exciting dish for me has been the NEST Singapore Chilli Mud Crab. This is my signature dish on the menu and my own recipe. It is all about using the best seafood you can find and getting the right balance of flavours so you don’t overpower the delicate crab with chilli. It takes a bit of practice to get it right, but when you do – wow!

  1. What is your personal favourite cuisine or particular food item?

Growing up in Darwin there was always lots of fresh fish around so I would have to say a fresh selection of seafood caught that day, you can’t beat that.

With over 30 stalls of fresh, local Asian styled dishes, Good Food Month’s Night Noodle Markets are an absolutely must for anyone. Personally, I cannot think of anything better than the Parklands being filled with delicious and mostly gluten free treats! Don’t forget to check out the local retailers also, their offerings are just as great (especially acai!).

The Essentials:

Night Noodle Markets, Cultural Forecourt, South Bank
Wednesday July 22 – Sunday August 2

Monday – Thursday: 5pm til late, Friday: 4pm til late and weekends: 2pm til late



IG: @goodfoodmonth #nightnoodlemarkets

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