(m)EAT at Mundo Churrasco

Mundo Churrasco (pronounced Shoo-Has-Co) has been cooking up a storm since 2010 with their own special style of Brazilian Barbecue, best described as an ‘all you can mEAT’ dining experience for Brisbane-ites.

If you haven’t been to Mundo, you’re definitely missing out, so rally the troops and book in for the ‘Churrasco’ experience. Beginning with a variety of side dishes, which DOES include healthy options (FIST PUMP!) such as the tomato and onion salsa, potato salad and green salad (you can also order some grilled vegetables too – YUM!), get set for the main attraction when the selection of marinated and seasoned meats is carved to your liking.

There are usually 16 meats on the purpose-built “churrasqueira” (meaning barbecue), all of which are bought around for you to ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ for carving straight onto your plate. 16 meats you say?! Yes, you read correctly, and yes, all options from the BBQ will come around BUT that doesn’t mean you have to eat them all. In fact, they have a cute process, which is a bit fun, and all part of the experience. When you walk in to Mundo for your booking, you will be given a little cork with one green side and one red side. Keep your cork on the green side if you want more meat or flip to red when you’re feeling content – simple.

If your (cave)man is a carnivore, Mundo may just be that perfect date night option. Chicken, pork, lamb and/or beef, Mundo’s got you covered. Check out the drool-worthy Mundo Churrasco menu to see their variety of meats detailing the different seasoning and marinates, all of which are made in-house.

Mundo is also perfect for those living the paleo way offering plenty of meaty goodness – if you’re after a premium cut, do try the Picanha (beef rump cap with rock salt), it is melt-in-your-mouth tender and delicious!

The Essentials:

Mundo Churrasco Open Flame Restaurant and Bar

63 Macgregor Tce, Bardon, Brisbane

Website: www.mundochurrasco.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MundoChurrascoBardon

Instagram: @mundochurrasco


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