Raw High Tea with Nutri Hitt & Raw Juicery!

So there is one thing for certain when you quick sugar, gluten, dairy and refined/processed foods – you are most definitely NOT attending a high tea anytime soon. What might have been an option for a gals day out with champagne and plenty of laughs would fast become an extensive date with the toilet for most of us! What could have once been another ‘FOMO’ (Fear of Missing Out) situation is now the very opposite, thanks to two very innovative and mind you, considerate, Brisbane companies! Yep, Raw Juicery and Nutri Hitt have our sugar, gluten, dairy, raw and vegan backs! The recent launch of their Raw High Tea concept is one sure to be popular among not just those intolerant, but everyone looking for some treats without the guilt! Stacked three tiers tall are raw & healthy treats and it doesn’t just stop there. Matcha iced tea, coconut lattes and green teas are flowing – this is certainly an event to consider for your next birthday, celebration or um, possibly breakfast?

I cannot think of anything better than sitting down to raw mars slice, caramel bucking crackles, double choc bites and healthy bounties! Oh sugar free life, you had me at Nutrii Hit. These girls are making absolute milestones in the raw food industry and proving to everyone that eating healthy is most definitely not boring! As they say, now everyone can have their cake and eat it too 😉 Equally Raw Juicery are paving the way for the Brisbane health scene, serving the Nutri Hitt girls treats, their own incredible raw, organic, dairy & gluten free salads, juices, smoothies and acai bowls! There stores are filled to the brim with health products, local and organically sourced, so anytime I am lost for lunch I streamline straight to their closest store! Organising this concept is their latest venture and one which is sure to be the first of many amazing concepts to come! If you are interested in the Raw High Tea concept, you can contact either Nutri Hitt on their website www.nutrihitt.com.au/contact/ or the team at Raw Juicery through Lauren – lauren@rawjuicery.com.au x

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