OKAY this is crazy! I cannot believe that I have reached such a massive milestone and that 21 THOUSAND of you are following me!

My journey through KBSugarfree has been both inspiring and constantly EXCITING! Sharing my passion with you all each and everyday is something that I LOVE to work endlessly on!

To me, KBSugarfree is about inspiring and changing lives. My mission is to spread the message that eating healthy is not hard. And most importantly, that being healthy is worth it.

I hope by now many of you know that eating healthy is easy, convenient and so beneficial. And, it’s not just for you, but also for your family, friends, children and the community as a whole.

So for my 21k giveaway the question became, what is the best way to celebrate health?

Well, why not have 21 days of healthy giveaways?

I wanted to share the prizes with everyone and help nourish and inspire more than just one winner! So that’s where ’21 days of giveaways’ originated from and choosing the brands was easy, I just chose from some of my favourites (there are a lot of favourites out there and amazing brands that are doing amazing things, clearly more than 21)!

These are brands I have worked with, support and endlessly endorse – and they were more than happy to come on board to give back to their health community!

So, how does the GIVEAWAY work? 

Firstly, follow all of the accounts!

Then, REPOST any competition picture (from @kbsugarfree IG or any of the brand’s IG)

Lastly, use the hashtag #kbs21k, TAG @kbsugarfree & TAG your top three account’s prizes!

Easy enough, for a prize guaranteed to be RRP $50 (or more)!

Now, meet the companies and their fabulous prizes. NOTE: these are listed in the order they will be drawn, starting with Prize 20 on day 1 and then Prize 1 on day 20!

1. Caveman Kitchen ($312)

The Prize: A whole month of Caveman Kitchen meals, delivered straight to your door! That’s 5 Large Caveman Kitchen meals delivered to your home or office every week for four weeks. We’ll get you signed up on our website so you have the whole customer experience – including choosing your own preferred combo of meals. Start planning activities, because slaving over a hot stove is a thing of the past!

Caveman Kitchen has a vision to allow Australians to claim back their health and their time, so they can spend their lives doing the things they love! With their super delicious, nothing but the good stuff, gluten/sugar/preservative free meals, delivered direct to your door you’ll be free to explore all those things you never seem to have the time for. Indulge in a bubble bath, climb a mountain, dance like no one’s watching – with your health and your time, the world is yours!

2. Amazonia Co ($200)

The Prize: 1 x 1kg RAW Protein Isolate (cacao coconut), 1 x 300g greens, 1 x 120g pre-probiotic

Amazonia are spicing up the health scene with their flair for creating the world’s most delicious and nourishing products. The team is an inspired bunch who take what they do very seriously. Getting high on açaí, sampling smoothie bowls, sharing their health knowledge and saving the Amazon Rainforest are all in a day’s work for Amazonia!

3. Sukin Organics Skincare ($150.00)

The Prize: $150 hamper

Sukin is an environmentally conscious, natural personal care company from Australia. We offer over 50 products carefully crafted using ingredients that are the best nature has to offer. Our aim is to offer luxurious, natural products that are not only effective but are affordable allowing even the budget conscious consumer the opportunity to purchase high quality, natural skin, hair and body care for all the family.

4. Jts Coconut Essence ($137.50)

The Prize: 1 x carton of 6 pack coconut water ($62.50), 1 x carton original coconut chips ($37.50) 1 x carton of sour cream and chive chips ($37.50)

JT’s Coconut Essence is entirely (that’s 100%) produced from fresh green coconuts harvested and canned on the very same day. Not only does it taste great but as self confessed health nuts at JT’s, we are pleased to tell our customers that it is free of fat, cholesterol, additives and preservatives and not to mention totally unsweetened and gluten free. JT’s Coconut Essence have endeavored to share the natural benefits of the wonderful coconut through expanding their range to include coconut oil, coconut chips and coconut sorbet.

5. The Goodnight Society ($117.9)

The Prize: ‘Hot Like a Sunrise Leggings’ RRP $59.95, Pillow Fight Club Pillowcases RRP $57.95

The Goodnight Society is a men’s and women’s sleepwear label for big dreamers. Featuring fun, original prints that have been designed in Brisbane, Australia, TGS sleepwear is organic and sweatshop free, meaning everyone from the maker to the wearer get’s a good night’s sleep.

6. The Muesli ($106.50)

The Prize: 5kg Tub of The Muesli!

Being naturally sugar free, The Muesli stands out among mueslis. Rather than rely on sugar, The Muesli lets its raw natural ingredients (5 nuts, 4 seeds, oats and coconut) deliver the deliciousness. Packed with premium raw ingredients, The Muesli is 50% nuts and seeds so a small bowl will get you through until lunch. The Muesli tub contains 100 serves; that’s three months worth of breakfast sorted!

7. Louenide ($100)

The Prize: ‘Bermuda’  hand bag, Vegan Leather & your choice of colour

From humble beginnings seven years ago, LOUENHIDE is emerging as a one of Australia’s favourite accessories brands helping shape the style of modern day women of all ages and budgets. A LOUENHIDE design is easily recognised by our range of signature handbags in classic designs coupled with vibrant colour palettes.

8. Suburban Cafe ($100)

The Prize: $100 Voucer

Suburban Cafe is a local Brisbane favourite for sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan & vegetarian diners! The West End Cafe offers fresh produce and wholesome food for a clean eating dining experience. There is a wide array of menu options catering to differing lifestyle choices with flexibility in choices and changes! A $100 dollar dining experience would comfortably cater for a table of 4.

9. Miss Bliss Kitchen ($100)

The Prize: Miss Bliss Whole Foods Brunch for two with two Miss Bliss Treats take home goodie bags valued at $100

The Miss Bliss brand encompasses healthy, nourishing and delicious whole foods, unprocessed and refined sugar free. Our creations are free from additives and artificial substances and support both local and organic produce as much as possible. The Miss Bliss Team pride themselves on delivering great tasting food that is good for you!

10. Fire & Shine ($75)

The Prize: $75 Gift Voucher (Online Store)

Fire and Shine is all about realising your potential and feeling inspired to live your best active life. Our curated collections have been wear tested by the founders so you can feel amazing and have confidence in every piece. We are inspired everyday by the Fire and Shine community and strive to bring you high quality, unique, sweat-shop free active, yoga and sport luxe wear from local and international brands.

11. Pure Harvest ($75)

The Prize: $75 prize pack

Pureharvest is an Australian grown and Australian owned company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of premium quality organic and natural food and products. For over 30 years it has been our mission to provide people with nutritious food that enables them to live healthy lives.

12. Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies ($75)

The Prize: 3 x 2 packets of Melinda’s Fructose Free Cake Mixes (Raspberry Coconut Cupcakes and Blueberry Lemon Cupcakes)

Melinda’s Gluten-Free Goodies is Australia’s leading gourmet gluten free range, providing great tasting products everyone will enjoy. Melinda’s is constantly developing innovative and delicious gluten free products to meet a growing demand. The Low Fructose options are the perfect go-to for people sticking to low sugar & fructose diets are are absolutely delicious!

13. Secret Organic Box ($69)

The Prize: 3 Month Subscription

We bring together the best Organic products from around Australia, and deliver them to you on a monthly basis. From the latest superfoods, snacks and tasty treats, through to health & beauty products, home cleaning products, personal care, and more.

14. Naturamin Body ($63)

The Prize: 4 weeks coffee, 4 weeks tea, 1 tea strainer
Need a little more get up and go in your fitness and weight loss routine? Our premium GoGreen slimming coffee is just what the doctor ordered. We’ve put a little something extra in our Herbal Blend Arabica green coffee to help you lose weight and detox faster. Jam-packed full of naturally occurring caffeine including Green Tea Leaf extract and Ginseng GoGreen is designed to really get your motor revving. We’ve turbo-charged your daily cup of tea with a host of weight-busting, detoxing natural herbs and slimming tea extracts to take your healthy lifestyle to a whole new plane. When combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, our premium comprehensive formula, herbal blend loose leaf detox tea can help you lose the kilos and all those nasty toxins that make you feel less than your best.

15. Loving Earth ($60)

The Prize: 1 x hazelnut 80g , 1 x salted caramel 80g, 1 x raspberry 80g, 1 x turkish delight luvju, 1 x dark luvju, 1 x coconut mylk luvju, 1 x hazelnut choc butter spread, 1 x coconut oil

Loving Earth is an integral company to the health and wellness industry, having provided a collection of the most desirable health products since their establishment in 2007. Loving Earth are most familiar for their scrumptiously nourishing Organic RAW Chocolate Bars – many of which are included in this prize pack. Their philosophy is that the earth is a living organism, popularised by James Lovelock’s Gaia theory and they lead in setting a distinguishable standard for sustainability within the health industry.

16. Naturally Choc ($57.80)


The Prize: 2 x 250g Organic Cacao Drinking Chocolates. (Raspberry & Chai), 2 x 250g Organic Cacao Chocolate Sauce (Original & Mint), 1 x 250g Raw Organic Cacao Powder, 1 x 250g Organic Coconut Sugar
Naturally Choc is an organic and 100% natural chocolate company based in Melbourne, Australia. Our products contain organic and natural ingredients from only the best sources. We believe in providing the best possible products to our customers. We achieve this by sourcing the best ingredients we can find while trying to keep everything sourced within Australia whenever possible. We also ensure that the production of our products is kept to the highest of standards because we know you love chocolate and quality as much as we do! Experience the organic and 100% natural chocolate treats you won’t feel guilty eating!

17. Natural Supply Co ($56.90)


The Prize: Shore Soap Co Mermaid Kisses Sugar Scrub (RRP $39.95) & Solid Perfume (RRP $16.95)

Devout lovers of all things natural yet luxurious, at Natural Supply Co we are passionate about using products that harness the power of natural ingredients and are beautiful to have in your bathroom, kitchen or home. From candles to makeup, cleaning products to insect repellent, shampoo to organic tea… if you love it and want it, we have a natural version for you to feel good about. You can shop with peace of mind, knowing that we only stock natural, cruelty-free and low-toxic products that we love using ourselves.

18. Good Start Granola ($56)

The Prize: 4 x 350g Granola Bags ( Blueberry & Coconut, Cranberry & Macadamia, Choc-cinnamon, Peanut Butter)

 Become a morning person with 4 bags of Good Start Granola. The perfect start to the day that is gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and made with love.

19. Funch Foods ($51.80)

The Prize: 1 x packet of Funch Cacao and Chia Protein Power Ball Mixture, 1 x packet Funch No Bake Superfood Slice, Almond, Coconut + Cacao (Gluten Free), 1 x packet Funch Salted Caramel Protein Power Ball Mixture, 1 x packet Funch Vanilla and Coconut Protein Power Ball Mixture (Gluten Free) (12.95 each)

These convenient packs mean you take home all the healthy, wholesome & nutritious ingredients in a single pre-packaged mixture. Then when it suits you, follow the simple recipes, and quickly make these nutrient dense, energising snacks. All preparation is done for you, they are lunch box appropriate (school lunch included) and packed with goodness!

20. Venzin Group – Paw Paw Cafe, Picnic Cafe ($50)

The Prize: We are offering a $50 voucher for the lucky winner! The voucher can be used at Pawpaw Cafe, Picnic Cafe or Mons Ban Sabai. $50 can quite comfortably set two people up for a delicious breakfast.

21. Being Co. Matcha ($49.90)

The Prize: 2 x 75g Being Co. Matcha Powder

Being Co. 100% Pure Ground Matcha is 100% pure young green tea leaves harvested under shade, hand-picked and ground into a fine powder making it easy to consume in almost anything. Matcha retains an unbelievable amount of nutrients and can be consumed a variety of different ways here. All natural, Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy free & Paleo as well as being a metabolism accelerator, increasing your brain performance, shapen focus and mood, super rich in antioxidants, combined relaxant and skin protectant. It’s the new Acai!

19 thoughts on “KBSUGARFREE 21K GIVEAWAY

  1. SE-the top 3 of my favorites are sukin organic skincare..fire and shine….and natural supply co. fingers crossed😍😘🙏

  2. SE – Fire and Shine, Paw Paw Cafe, Caveman Kitchen. Congratulations!! All your hard work is inspiring social change 😉

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