A little #treatyoself with Hotel Tonight App (and take $30 off your first booking!)

Not all #treatyoself moments need to be food related. Or even massage/therapy/shopping related. Treating yourself can clearly come in various shapes and forms (and expenses) but now I’m challenging you to a little #treatyoself with #yoself. And #yoself only.

Making an effort to change up your ways, rituals and schedules can be incredibly rewarding. It’s not hard either – try blogging in a cafe or doing your uni readings in a park. These things keep our mind, body and soul refreshed and adaptable for change. With flexibility comes many, many great things – and I don’t just mean achieving the perfect Sun Warrior position.

I’ve recently discovered a new way to change it up and #treatyoself – and that is through packing an overnight bag, chucking in some snacks and booking myself into a hotel. It can be one night, or two and it can be a decision made at the drop of a hat – which is why I was super stoked to discover Hotel Tonight.

Hotel Tonight is a mobile app for booking super cheap deals at super luxurious hotels on the spot. Yep, check the app and check yourself in an hour later (time permitting of course re: check ins, but you get my drift). You can book from tonight or up to 7 days in advance.

So, your Mum’s in town tomorrow night and can (no choice) look after the dog/kids – book it in.

Friday night drinks with your uni friends is calling, but you would rather be laying in a King Bed blogging and catching up on the Bachelor – book it in (#sorrynotsorry).

I am proudly guilty of the above and last minute did just that, booked into the Emporium. My night consisted solely of trialling out my new Detox Bath Bombs by LeQure, turning on the spa and falling asleep in a bed big enough for my entire household – it was pure bliss. Upon rising I was energised for my F45 Training Newstead workout + headed for a very close Acai Bowl from Avalanche Superfood’s for breaky. Everything was proximal to the hotel and Saturday’s events were just that much better. 

The thing about hotels that really encapsulates the #treatyoself vibe is that they treat you like royalty. I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember the last time someone smiled at me while ordering the elevator? HELLO! Spa bath? YES PLEASE. Matching robes and slippers – well, now I’m just teasing.

But, I’m not.

Staying at The Emporium last weekend was possibly the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. It was cheap through Hotel Tonight – like, super cheap. All of the deals were. And when you book through them you get like, all this free stuff. WiFi, complimentary drinks at the bar – did I mention the robes?

You can check the Hotel Tonight App here. (and keep scrolling for the discount!).

You will notice that when you sign up, there is a rewards system where you get a discount code for your friends, share it and can earn credit to your account. Your friends score $30 credit to save on their booking and you earn the $30 to spend! Boo YA! It will be a whole new Uber App where everyone absolutely exploits the ‘first time free trip’ code with each and every person they know (grandma included – if she lets you put her cc details in!).
SO, for your first $30 off your stay, use the code ‘KBERESFORD4’. 

And don’t forget to #treatyoself! x

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