Brisbane Marriott’s Motion Bar and Grill

Hotel food, is it a plausible pass for a healthy lunch?

Most of the time, no. In fact, I would much rather keep my lunch in the fridge than visit hotel ‘bars’ or god forbid, room service.

Luckily though, my visit to Brisbane’s Marriott Hotel was significantly different to regular ‘search for the menu and find the least unhealthy food, make 5 adaptions and apologise for the request’ experiences.

Motion Bar and Grill’s new lunch and dinner menu is designed to ‘feed the body and soul’, which automatically has all health conscious diners interested. With a combination of slow cooked comfort food and healthy nutritious dishes, the menu sure raises the Brisbane standard at keeping us all happy (no matter our requests).

Thankfully, I didn’t even have to make a request for my meal. I did request that Jack’s chips be served on the side so I could remove them from the photo and keep him entertained while I snapped some shots – but learnt that chips are served in a separate bowl ANYWAY which was PERFECT!

These days labelling menu items with the ‘GF’ is quite common, but how about a Hotel serving a vegan dish? Surprised as I am? Yep – feedback from the customers has been taken seriously and so exists two vegan options; The roasted parsnip with pear, sage and bettroot and the Wild Mushroom Risotto! Animal product free dishes in a restaurant that can also very easily accommodate regular (as in, no dietary preferences. Yes, those people) friends and family is a massive bonus for Brisbane vegans!

Dining for lunch means I missed the Sumac Lamb with Quinoa, lane, vine ripened tomato and shaved ricotta which sounds fabulous but equally so was the GF Roasted Chicken Salad, with roast pumpkin, pine nuts, spinach and sesame! Dipping into the Grilled Turkish and ‘Wild’ Bread with spiced hummus, feta and green olives certainly complimented the salad and according to a certain hommus critiquer, there was just something about it that made it ‘the best in Brisbane’.

I often preach that eating well means eating from the most purest source you can and avoiding all added/unnecessary ingredients. The Darling Downs Aged Scotch Fillet (250g) most definitely qualifies – it comes from a natural, living source and is very quickly put onto the plate. No fiddling, no processing and cooked with remarkable skill. While not the avid steak fan, it was enlightening to see it served as is and by default with market salad greens, instead of chips (though, they were optional of course).

All in all, The Marriot’s Motion Bar and Grill Menu is most definitely a plausible pass for a healthy lunch. The combined view of the Story Bridge, the river and the towering buildings along Eagle Street Pier were also all included in the meal, free of charge. The waiter apologised for the large building blocking our sun as all efforts had been made to try to move it, but hey, what can you do, I won’t let that detract from the experience as a whole (note purposeful cynicism and rather there was plenty of sunshine and gorgeous views!).

The Essentials;

Brisbane Marriott’s Motion Bar and Grill, 515 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000


IG: @brisbanemarriot


Phone: (07) 3303 8034

Lunch Menu | Dinner Menu

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