DiBella Coffee’s 2016 Reserve – simply ‘brew-ti-ful’

For a simply ‘brew-ti-ful’ start to your morning, drop by DiBella Coffee at Bowen Hills to try their 2016 Reserve blend and fulfil your morning procaffinating needs. Words cannot ‘espresso’ how tasty this new brew is, so try something different when you order your coffee as you like it (skinny flat white here please).

You can also pair your morning caffeine hit with a delicious paleo treat from the Primal Pantry options available! Healthy treats to go? Yes please!

From pistachio and chocolate or cranberry and ginger bliss balls or a scrumptious paleo chocolate brownie – voila, you now have a healthy snack that is guaranteed to hit the spot following your morning workout.

Speaking of which, you might like to schedule in time post-morning-workout to stop in at DiBella’s Bowen Hills café. Step inside and breathe-in the fresh coffee aroma we all know and love – a teaser to the delicious cup you know is about to be yours.

Pick your cozy corner, sit back, relax (coffee in hand) and admire the baristas skills and/or take a stroll around DiBella’s specialty coffee shop. This café is definitely a coffee lovers dream, with SO much on offer, from freshly ground coffee beans to brewing equipment and accessories, not to forget they also offer factory tours and cupping sessions (cupping is ‘coffee tasting’) too!

However, if you are running a little ‘Latte’, DiBella Coffee also have a drive-thru cafe for your ‘on-the-run’ coffee needs. Yep, it’s a great world we live in.

Oh, it get’s even better. You can also get bliss balls ‘to-go’ through the drive-thru too – who said take-away had to be unhealthy?!

The Essentials

DiBella Coffee – Roasting Warehouse and Drive-Thru

82 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills

Website: www.dibellacoffee.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DiBellaCoffee

Instagram: @dibellacoffees

 Want to try DiBella’s new brew? Simply stop by the DiBella Coffee cafe, or you can purchase it online here.

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