Vapiano Australia, Albert Lane

If you caught my last review of the Vapiano Garden City then you know you can safely assume that this one will hardly differ. It’s certainly hard to fault a business which prides itself on supporting local producers and whom can claim that most products are collected within a 150km range of the store.

Locavores, you can cheer for yet another dining option for your local tastes and those with dietary preferences can also cheer for a restaurant that is going to accommodate your tummies!

Visiting the Vapiano Albert Lane store was like visiting an old friend. The Vapiano team have made a conscious effort to ensure that each store is consistent with all things great and small, from the interior and (of course) the menu, too the potted plants and even the olive tree centre piece. If you have visited one before, you are going to know the drill. However if you haven’t, allow me to explain!

Firstly, you choose your desired dish. HERE you can choose from VEGAN, gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options! Everything is so clearly labelled and there are plenty of adaptable options, for example, having gnocchi which any of the pastas to keep it gluten free! (This gnocchi is hand made, of course!).

Secondly, you order. And then, you watch your lunch/dinner be made before your eyes (quite literally). The best kitchens are those where everything is on display – there are no sneaky ingredients being added, no sneaky tasty or grubby items entering the food. All clean, all inspectable but mostly, entertaining (that is, if you are a die hard Masterchef fan like myself).

Lastly, enjoy. And enjoy in fine style at that. The interior is fresh and homely, with the top floor of Albert St receiving plenty of natural light inside the complex which shelters you from the noise of the busy mall. Best of all, if you love a little extra flavour in your food, there is of course plenty of fresh herbs which surround you while you dine in cute little pots all over the tables!

Best of all, they are currently doing $10 lunches on selected pastas and pizzas! Luckily for me, an avid salad fan, my ‘insalate’ of rocket, parmesan and walnut (incredibly filling and great with a side of grilled chicken!) was only $15.

The Antipasti board was the perfect accompaniment to share (though we couldn’t get through it all!) and my company enjoyed a gluten free mushroom risotto, which I can most definitely now approve as a full fat treat-yoself dish when you are looking for one – it was incredibly tasty AND of course, full of cream, rice and mushroom making it a low sugar option! Try getting through the whole bowl with all those filling fats, I bet you can’t (and I also bet you won’t be craving an afternoon treat after such a hearty meal). These three dishes were perfect for lunch between two, though I am eyeing off the same delicious selection for a group to share over drinks on a post-work or pre-weekend evening!

The Essentials;

Vapiano Albert Lane, 191 Albert Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000 (Google Map)



IG: @vapianoaustralia

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