KBSugarfree & Relay For Life

I am super excited to announce that I am now a proud ambassador for the Cancer Council’s Relay For Life!

If you haven’t yet heard of Relay For Life – well, it’s massive in Australia. I remember fundraising for the cause in high school and since then the campaign has accomplished so many massive milestones. The charity raises money for the Cancer Council, who uses the funds for vital research, prevention and support programs to help those affected by cancer.

Relay For life is not your average sell-boxed-chocolates to raise money but it is about promoting HEALTHY choices through an event that involves WALKING FOR 18 HOURS. Yep, Relay For Life is all about the exercise, and all for charity!

Of course all charities are SO important and valuable, but it really is more important than ever to promote healthy and maintainable avenues for raising money. Walking is one of those. Replacing your traditional sugar laden desserts with raw, low sugar options for your fundraiser treats is another avenue BUT that is a little more expensive!


Why I have chosen to support Relay For Life:

Obviously having a large social media influence is really useful when it comes to spreading an important message to a large crowd. And cancer prevention is a very important message. With thanks to childhood campaigns, many of us know to ‘slip slop slap’ but cancer prevention extends so much further than that.

Did you know that 1/3 of cancers are preventable?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), cancer prevention is one of the ULTIMATE keys to controlling cancer. It’s a long term strategy and is most cost effective – and it extends further than simply ‘quitting smoking’. Though cigarettes are of course 100% detrimental to health, organisations are now recognising physical activity and dietary factors as important factors in cancer control. 

There are so many links between poor health and cancer, and so many different types of cancer can be affected. 

At the end of the day, healthy living is so much more than LOOKING good (though of course, it helps!) but is rather about feeling good and living longer!

Poor diets are not the way of the future, in fact healthy living is the key to living at all. Remembering that every time we consume food/drink, it is an opportunity to either feed or fight disease.

That’s why I’ve joined forces with Relay For Life, to help change people’s lives for the better. To help future generations with their health and ultimately, to enable everyone to make healthier choices. 

So join me. Check out Relay For Life here. See how you can get involved, see how you can raise money, see how you can donate.

Let’s take the health revolution further – let’s raise money for our future. Let’s REMOVE preventable cancers from our statistics. 

Let’s enable long term health. Let’s prevent cancer. 

In the coming weeks you will see numerous posts and events where there will be information about how you can help. For the moment, you can check out the Relay For Life website and start making healthier choices. I’ll be creating some super simple guides and tips to help you make simple changes that won’t have your colleagues/friends guessing you are on some ‘diet’ or questioning your choices. Simple changes = big differences!

Stay tuned! x

Images from Relay For Life Facebook + QUEST website

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