Gas Light Bistro, New Farm

After catching word that New Farm’s most recent addition, Gas Light Bistro, had opened its doors for brunch service, there was no hesitation in making the decision to check it all out!

Having dined in the restaurant’s sister cafe, Hoo Har Bar in Southbank, expectations were high with hearty meals in mind. Much to my pleasant surprise it turned out quite the opposite, with Gas Light alternatively offering a more delicate menu with some seriously high quality options available.

Selecting the new dish on the menu, as of that morning, was a pleasure if ever I’ve had one! Not the usual dish I would lean towards, though the combination of rye, salmon and pickled ingredients just couldn’t leave my mind. Served with a touch of caviar – it was complex, unique and flavoursome. The Baked Beans and Hock Ham was also a table favourite, a heartier option but delicious at that!

The menu doesn’t offer your typical ‘up do’ of table favourites, but rather really mixes things up. As in, you are unlikely to have tried these combinations before and are probably unlikely to again. While some may be discouraged (perhaps my mother mostly, at lack of Eggs Benedict) I prefer it as a refreshing change, an opportunity to be surprised and most definitely an establishment offering excitement and innovation all year round.

With a renovated Queenslander vibe, verandah shade (out the front with footpath seating) and a light breeze channeling from Brunswick St (but further enough away from the road as to not carry the fumes), Gas Light Bistro is sure to be a favourite this coming Spring/Summer! A quick stroll from the New Farm Park will find you some delicious, house blend coffee and a seriously impressive menu.

When it comes to eating well, high quality produce is most definitely your safest option. There is going to be a great deal of effort made in every sense of your dish, from the produce, to the cooking oils and of course to the design and flavour. All in all, New Farm’s Gas Light Bistro certainly assures you ‘bang for your buck’!

The Essentials:

Gas Light Bistro, 726 Brunswick St, New Farm


IG: @gaslightbistro


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