Corbett and Claude open for Business!

Some Melbourne foodies have recently made the trek to Brisvegas to treat our very food-oriented community to some extra special dining options!

Firstly, the interior invites you in and screams all things Melbourne, or rather ‘where-I-would-rather be’. It will have you feeling like you aren’t actually in Brisbane but then have you thinking why everyone else hasn’t adapted a similar theme. Clean, fresh and neutral – it’s the perfect setting for a wine (or two), some hand made pizza and fresh salads to accompany.

Speaking of salads, I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting the range on offer. While there are some set on the menu, there is also a ‘chef’s special’ salad changing daily. Here I was, anticipating disappointment (lettuce, tomato, cucumber), when the waiter presented a beetroot and incaberry salad, with spinach and local mozzeralla. Um, what? Then came roast veg and couscous! I was in salad heaven + intolerance heaven with all of the options clearly marked with dietary information.

And now for the cherry on top – they offer ‘create-your-own’ antipasti! Yep, prefer more cheese? Do it. Have a favourite cured meat? Go for it. This totally eases the whole ordering antipasties with mains and cheese for dessert – you can do it all in one!

Located in Indooroopilly, Corbett and Claude is a gift for us locals and most definitely worth the travel for anyone else!

With their newest Mr Claude opening in the city this coming Tuesday (15th Sep), this calibre of dining will soon be accessible for city goers alike and should most definitely be on next week’s to do list!

The essentials;

Corbett and Claude, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, 322 Moggill Road, Indooroopilly, Brisbane (Map)

Monday – Friday, 12noon – 9pm

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