Top Juice – Macarthur Central

I always love finding out about new, healthy and QUICK options in the city! Why? Mostly because that’s what most of you are all looking for AND because it contributes to the whole ‘eating healthy is super easy’ argument that I constantly make!

Accidentally left your packed salad at home? No problem. You aren’t going to have to scavenge around to find some ‘healthy options’ in the city (though, you could always take some hints from my previous Top Tips), but rather, you can head straight to Macarthur Central to check out Brisbane’s latest hot spot on the health scene!

You’ll know when you are close by because you will find yourself very quickly surrounded by plenty of smoothie-envy. Those who are regulars to the shopping centre have quickly become regulars to Top Juice, and it’s no surprise why – the freshness is honestly, next level. But now it’s time for their secret to be shared! Top Juice offers a range of savoury salads, fruit salads, yoghurts, muesli, fresh coconuts (Yeah!) and freshly made smoothies and juices. It’s also note worthy that they also have cold pressed juices too! 

The juices and smoothies are both ready to go (if you are on the run) and able to be made right before you (if you have the time!).

I was in fact in a rush (no surprises there), but in 3 minutes flat was able to grab one of the best fruit salads that I’ve ever had (big claim, but it was just SO fresh, plum and yummy #nosoggyfruithere) + a chicken and lentil salad + a cold pressed juice to go (cranberry & pineapple!).

I will most definitely be back for their green juices (note, plural – there are plenty of options for all taste preferences!) and most recommend you check this gem about before the masses do, in your next lunch break!

The Essentials

Top Juice, Macarthur Central Shopping Centre, Ground Floor, Edward Street Entrance (Google map)


Instagram: @topjuiceau

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