Hoo Ha Bar with an Ooo Ahh New Menu

With it’s exposed brick walls and tidily placed furniture that doesn’t quite match (but somehow works amazing together – that’s so in right now) – Hoo Ha Bar is a trendy South Brisbane space that you will find yourself making excuses to get back to again and again. Whether you have a date for breakfast, brunch, lunch, post-work/uni beverages or dinner, Hoo Ha Bar is a location that the healthy you would be happy to take your not-so-health-focused friends to any time of the day.

Feeling hungry? Hoo Ha Bar has you covered, with menu items for the carnivorous, including pork belly with a maple miso glaze and the herbivorous, including soft herb falafel with minted yogurt and lemon (hello healthy option!). One thing that really stood out with the Hoo Ha Bar menu was the variety, flavour and the STACK of vegetarian options on offer! If you do have a vegetarian friend, this would be a brilliant bar to visit together.

You can view the full Hoo Ha Bar menu here, but some vegetarian highlights include:

– Sicilian Olives

– Soft herb falafel with minted yogurt and lemon

– Whole fried artichoke hearts with sage salt, lemon & a dash of aioli

– Eggplant schnitzel burger

– Soft and smelly cheeses, house-made picalilli, cornichons, croute

Having just launched their new cocktail menu – complete with naming their unique cocktail concoctions, cute old-fashion names such as the ‘Verne Robert’ – you need look no further than Hoo Ha Bar for your next cocktail catch-up with the girls!

Hoo Ha Bar is in a location away from the hustle and bustle of South Bank, with a chilled atmosphere where you can sit back and chat the night away – sugar-free cocktail in hand (just ask the bar staff to whisk you up something special).

The Essentials

Hoo Ha Bar

41 Tribune Street, South Brisbane (Google Map)

Website: www.hoohabar.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hooha.bar

Instagram: @hoohabar_

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