NoDo Donuts – The World’s Friendliest Donut just got even better!

EXCITING NEWS! THE DATE HAS BEEN REVEALED! NoDo Donuts will be officially opening their New Farm Store on Saturday the 31st of October. 

With the most exciting news circulating town I thought it best to pull up something from the archives to throw back to where it all began!

NoDo really are then World’s Friendliest Donut and the Brisbane food scene has NOT given up on going crazy for them! It really is no wonder why – they are the ultimate myth buster to the whole ‘eating healthy is bland/boring’!

Just to reiterate, these donuts are gluten free, organic and are ONLY natural ingredient. They also taste, without a doubt, 100 times better than a sugar-laden, guilt ridden Crispy Creme.

Not only are their ingredients a flawless feature, they are also free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours AND they are BAKED, never FRIED!

But now the time has come where we no longer have to line up SUPER early at the markets (before they all sell out) OR having to beg your local cafe to check out the back once more in case he missed it – we will soon have a permanent bakery distributing these goodies day after day!

Nodo is promised to be a bakery like no other! We can expect all our beautifully hand crafted favourites that combine artisan methods and naturally gluten free ingredients! NEVER say no again to Fresh Raspberry Coconut with Couverture White Chocolate, Vanilla Bean and Freeze Dried Raspberries & Blueberry Ricotta with Lemon Cheesecake & Pistachio Crumb.

But Kate and her team won’t just stop there – there will be plentiful amounts of raw treats (including raw donuts). From Cacao Donuts to Organic Coconut Chips – every healthy foodie and unhealthy foodie will be tempted!

With all the exciting events ahead of us, I thought it was best to resurface my interview with founder, Kate (aka, the lady who makes all our dreams come true!). Keep on scrolling through the interview to see what Kate shared for KBSugarfree 😉 

To to start off, I asked Kate to share a little bit about herself, where this trailblazer streak came from and most importantly, how No Do Donuts all began! 

I have always had a healthy “ish” obsession with food. Lover of all things sweet. When I was diagnosed with ceolics disease more than 7 years ago, I started on a serious path to better my health. I wanted to put the fun back into wholesome baked food so I started baking donuts (my childhood favorite), but instead of deep frying them and using refined sugars, I opted for whole foods, healthy fats and natural sweeteners. Creating this business has been a very healing process for me, it’s so rewarding to be able to put smiles on people’s faces who, like me, can now indulge in our range of baked treats. All donuts are 100% gluten free and we try our best to cater for other dietary requirements, with dairy free and egg free options.

We all respect and value different health perspectives, do you mind explaining how you would describe your own?

Our philosophy at Nodo is ‘eat donuts for breakfast’. I am a big believer in feeling positive about what you eat and the flow on effects this has for mind, body and soul. It’s about balance, living a healthy lifestyle, making the best choices and allowing yourself treats, guilt free.

What do you believe is essential to long term health and wellness?

I have always focused so strongly on eating a healthy balanced diet and living an active lifestyle which I believe is essential to long term quality of life. However,  my experience has taught me that unless you have a healthy mind you will never achieve long term health and wellness.

Can you shed some light on your daily health routine?

My routine has changed somewhat since launching Nodo. We start baking at 2am (lucky I have always been a morning person), but I always find time to put my health first because if I don’t everything else suffers. I have learnt to listen to my body and find yoga, pilates and gentle weights is best for me. As well as living a gluten free lifestyle I also avoid dairy where possible.

And back in 2014, when asked if there was any goss that she could leak on what was to come in 2015, Kate said: 

I have so many plans for Nodo it keeps me up at night. I am really excited for the year ahead but not quite ready to spill the goss just yet. I can tell you that I am committed to building our range of goods to keep things forever evolving and cater for people who genuinely care about what they eat, especially those with gluten, dairy, egg and soy allergies or intolerances. Keep following for all the latest Nodo goss!!

And now that we are in 2015, this is the sneaky insight Kate spilled the beans about when I asked her what is in store for the bakery and what not-so-donut goodies we can expect (even though, we would all be happy with the donuts alone!):

[In addition to the raw, hand made treats, there will be] Supernatural shakes made with homemade nut milks, and packed with mood enhancing superfoods like cacao, maca, lucuma and our protein powder of choice, which is certified organic, raw and vegan. 

We guarantee our magic mushroom shake, which tastes like a vanilla thick shake, enhanced with reishi mushroom powder will have you on your path to optimum health, longevity and spiritual attainment.

Now let’s talk coffee – We have taken great care in selecting a specialty roaster to join forces with. We are excited to introduce Nodo’s own coffee blend, which has been created in collaboration with the Barefoot Barista (a destination for coffee lovers on the Gold Coast, Queensland).

Keep an eye out on Nodo’s Website, Facebook & Instagram where you can discover all you need to know!

p.s. the store will be located at 1 Ella St, Newstead. But you’ll have to wait til the big opening 31 October!

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