Healthy Indian hits Brisbane!

Okay, so you would probably consider Indian food to be the LAST thing on your list in terms of healthy dining. And normally, you would be right in doing so. BUT now, the owners of ‘It’s Mirchi Healthy Indian’ have made your butter chicken dreams come true!

I didn’t think it was possible and honestly, had never even tried it myself. I figured that I had best know how to actually cook indian before I try to transform it to a healthy version. Since I DON’T know how to cook indian cuisine (I wouldn’t even know where to start) I had just left this cuisine entirely out of my day to day diet and well, had learned not to miss it.

When I visited ‘It’s Mirchi Healthy Indian’ in Paddington, well, safe to say I did miss it. Those delicate and creamy curries, the naan bread, the very heartening stews. Usually, such an indulgence would involve buckets of sugar from the pastes, plenty of oil and deep frying, nuts, dairy and hell, everything you probably don’t want. But not this time, not at Mirchi Healthy Indian!

The whole concept is executed perfectly – the cooking is left to the experts, directed by one innovative head chef who decided that she would take her fabulous traditional cuisine and make it healthy, for everyone to enjoy. It has been left to the masters and not the ammeters (cough, me) to re-create all of our favourite dishes to suit all of our dietary preferences.

The most impressive consideration, and one that not many restaurants witll bother to pursue, is the ‘sugar free’ label which is situated next to a variety of dishes. There’s no sprinkle here or sprinkle there to the point where the chefs claim ‘there is only a little bit of sugar’ (bad past experiences) – it’s labelled sugar free so all efforts have been taken to ensure that that nasty little addictive substance hasn’t snuck in.

There is also GLUTEN FREE NAAN. YEP! You can have it plain, or stuffed with spinach, feta etc. SO GOOD. The curries have spinach in them and there are baked NOT FRIED papadums!

It’s Mirchi caters for all of your preferences and your friends’ – gluten free, vegan, dairy free, nut free AND EVEN CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

I sound like an informercial but it really does just keep getting better. I love this restaurant and I know you will too.

It;s Mirchi Health Indian, 284 Given Tce, Paddington, QLD, 4064 (Google Map)

W – (you can see their menu here)

IG – @itsmirchhealthy

FB –

Phone – 3162 7712

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