My very quick trip to Sydney Guide!

So many of you may have seen that straight after my post-last-exam selfie, I jumped on a plane to Sydney to attend the Goodness Me Box‘s first Night Markets!

It’s safe to say that this trip certainly didn’t break the budget and was super easy to organise, so it’s something that I definitely recommend to anyone even considering it. How did it not break the budget? Well, flights are super cheap and accommodation was SUPER easy and last minute thanks to Hotel Tonight’s App – it’s my saviour!

So with lunch, dinner, breakfast and another lunch available – what did I do and what I can recommend is limited but in my books, ‘must do’s’.

Firstly, The Grounds of Alexandria

This is where the GMB Night Markets were held and I’m not sure if there could of been a better venue for such a fabulous event. The Grounds itself was serving dinner options – organic vegetable salads with the option to add organic chicken, that was bbq-ing on sight. Absolutely incredible. There were no words. While watching stars like Lola Berry and The Fit Foodie presenting their delicious recipes, you were immersed in the fresh barn smell drifting from the animal pen and the healthy greenery that the whole premises is covered in. It’s a true dream come true. And right in the middle of Sydney – you would never have guessed.

Secondly, Earth to Table

This is a cafe you just cannot be disappointed with. All raw, vegan and organic produce and a stunning menu! Most importantly GREEN EVERYTHING. From the acai bowls to the granola (YES!), this cafe isn’t going light on maximising the nutritional benefits of their food! I enjoyed a ‘veggie scramble’ made from cashews and seaweed mixture, atop a sunflower seed & almond bread + got to test out the green special smoothie bowl, topped with ‘Greenola’ (Spirulina and goji berries mixed with sprouted green edge) + a magical combination of fruits! The Ovvio Organic Tea by Anthia are certainly not something to skip, the Digest option was absolutely sensation. Earth to Table guarantees food in it’s most purest state, to honour the environment and ourselves, which means that it is guaranteed raw, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and sugar free. Just honest, so damn good!

Third, Sadhana Kitchen (Enmore)

The salad and whole food options on this menu are absolutely unforgettable. I really enjoyed the Carrot & Walnut Falafel Plate (the falafels are made from carrot and walnut), served with seasonal greens, pickles, olives, sundries tomato & paprika hummus and beet dip. SO GOOD. And of course, Sadhana is well renewed for it’s CocoWhip. Extravagant toppings and all – opting for the Wagon Wheel Raw Slice version, it’s sad to say that what was served wasn’t exactly what was imagined, though still tasted GREAT of course and is still a delicious healthy treat (it’s not pictured for above reasons i.e. not looking that fab). While yes, the Cocowhip disappointment is a critique, it’s not enough to tarnish their reputation NOR a reason not to visit, the entire menu is very special, ORGANIC & RAW + designed to accommodate for all dietary requirements and preferences! The cafe also hosts a 7 course raw degustation, raw vegan high tea, caters AND has cleanses available. It’s still a must to visit.

Hope that helps for your future stop-over travels! For additional recommendations (i.e. for longer stays), check out Mimihyll, a previous Brisbane turned Sydney blogger whom continues to shed light on the fabulous ins and outs of NSW’s dining scene!

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