Not exactly what you would expect from The Triffed…

I’ve visited Newstead’s ‘The Triffed’ before and very happily passed on the food options available. To me, it looked like chips, cheese, grease, grease and more grease + a heart attack waiting to happen.

When I received the alert for their new menu, I won’t lie that I was hesitant. I certainly wasn’t expecting anything edible (by my terms) but also consider myself open minded and always up for second chances – so to the Triffid it was!

What a surprise – literally – to find salads on the menu. An even better surprise to see they weren’t your average garden salad side or boring old pub ‘salad’. No. These salads are GOOD. Like, really GOOD. Like, will be going back to the Triffid again. And will be suggesting it as a venue for others – like I am now.

There is no doubt The Triffed was, and continues to be, a great bar. The atmosphere is friendly and gives off a much needed relaxed vibe. The shipping container bars set out over the venue and the vintage style theme offer a comfortable break from the usual city scene.

When your mates are looking for a drink and nibbles in the Newstead area, no longer does The Triffid need to be avoided – in fact, I recommend you use it as a suggestion! There will always be the burgers, sliders and dogs for THEM and YOU can take your pick from the Thai Prawn Salad, Cauliflower Salad (with sautéed leeks, butterbeans and Dijon Dressing) OR Grilled Haloumi Salad with beetroot puree, balsamic cherry tomatoes, rocket, roast sweet potato + your choice of adding chicken or slow roasted lamb. Yes, please and thank you.

Lastly, to add to the KBS health ticks, The Triffid has organised for I Heart Brownies to be available for their very happy customers. In case you weren’t yet aware, these brownies are gluten free and hand made + local to Brisbane. They even list their ingredients on their website, and it’s refreshing to see it’s only 6 ingredients – no colours, flavours or numbers. Note though, these aren’t 100% refined sugar free, but you know, they are there if you want to #treatyoself (which you totally should!).

All in all, it’s great to see local bars getting on board the ‘healthy options’  train. For us (the health conscious people) this shift/accommodation is so much appreciated, because it means we avoid experiencing social exclusion and yes, get to go out with our friends, knowing there will be options available. Props to The Triffid for their new menu, definitely KBSugarfree approved!

The Essentials;

The Triffid, 7-9 Stratton St, Newstead QLD 4006 (Google Map)



IG: @thetriffid

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