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As many of you may be aware, the Food Matters Team and their FMTV are largely responsible for changing the health of millions of people. Their content is incredible, their Facebook has over a 1.7 million fans and they are constantly creating new and exciting videos, recipes and guides to optimise our health.

I was fortunate enough to hear James speak at the most recent Wanderlust and couldn’t stop taking notes the whole time. I will most definitely be attending their next event, on their Food Matters Live National Australian Tour, which will be hitting Brisbane on the 28th Feb 2016 and wanted to share a Feature Friday with them so that YOU can see how important it is for you to attend too.

The answers are provided by Laurentine Ten Bosch (Co-Founder and Filmmaker) of Food Matters, Hungry For Change and FMTV, and I’ll let the answers below speak for themselves. Laurentine certainly knows her health stuff and she, just like her Food Matters team, is brilliant at sharing it. It’s a pleasure to introduce Laurentine for all things toxins, detoxing & cleansing + a little insight into what you can expect in Feb!

1. For those interested in attending the event, can you give us a little rundown on what we can expect?

The event has been created to help people get the healthy tools they need to apply them to their own life on a daily basis. E.g. How we can incorporate superfoods in their morning smoothies, to using essential oils, to doing a yoga practise, to incorporating a daily spiritual practise into our life. Our intention from this event is to give people the tools they need to help themselves. To truly connect with themselves and feel empowered to be their own healers, their own doctors. We get a lot of emails from people on our site, saying they have gone out and bought a huge amount of organic fruit and vegetables and stocked up their fridge. And now what do they do with it?! Well, we’re going to show you! We’ll be showcasing some of our favorite recipes with cooking demos on the day. In a nutshell we’ll be covering: delicious superfood demos, spiritual practices, healing tips and some essential oil basics.
2. What inspired your health journey and your mission to inspire others?
Our health journey was foundational by the studies we did in the States at the Global College of Natural Medicine. Both James and I weren’t taught about nutrition by our parents, we were both brought up in a toxic food system. We were very much addicted to white breads and sugars, and realised there were so many other foods we could eat that were health giving. We got turned on by food in a spiritual sense. At the same time James’ mum and dad were struggling as his dad was suffering with chronic illness. His dad was bed ridden on toxic pharmaceutical medication, from prozac to tranquilizers and we wanted to help him deeper than just sending him books. We travelled to Fiji where he was living and did a hands-on detox, with a naturopath by our side. We focused on juicing, detoxing his pantry from foods that weren’t serving him, and providing high doses of mega nutrients with supplementation.  We saw so many benefits of this way of eating, and it sparked such a great recovery in him. He was off his meds in under one week! We realised that if we could help James’ dad deal with chronic toxicity, there were so many other people dealing with this, that needed help. We knew there was a much faster and effective method and we wanted to continue spreading this message.
3. What is an absolute MUST in your health routine?
Greens. Greens. Greens. I love greens! They are so underrated! Greens have the power to oxygenate our blood, alkalise our bodies and give us sustained energy. I try to incorporate greens into my diet as much as possible. From freshly picked garden greens in my breakfast juice. To a fresh green salad for lunch. And then we’ll usually try and eat a heap of greens for dinner, usually in the form of stirfry. If we can’t get greens into our diet though because we’re pressed for time, then we use our Food Matters Superfood Greens. In literally under 15 seconds you can get an incredible amount of nutrients into your day with our powerful blend of superfoods. I swear by that green powder, as does our whole team at Food Matters. It gives them not only the nutrients they need, but sustains their energy to get through their day, no matter what James and I throw at them 
4. What is cleansing? And is it different to detoxing?
Cleansing for me means that you are looking at your food in two ways. It’s either going to cleanse you, or it’s going to clog you. It’s about giving our bodies a break. Cleansing and detoxing are really one and the same. Cleansing is just more of a “buzz word” at the moment. No matter what you call it, it’s about giving our body the time to go back and filter out the impurities, such as heavy metals and toxic elements.
5. Why should we cleanse and what are the best ways to do so?
A lot of times we don’t realize it but our body puts on more weight because it is holding onto toxins. Our body doesn’t know how to release these toxins, so the best way it can deal with it at the time is to cover the toxins with fat and not allow it to touch any other parts of our system. Once we give our body the time to cleanse, it will dissolve those fats, and allow them to release in the detoxification canals – your organs, skin, breath, hair follicles. We’ve personally created the Food Matters 3 Day Detox to guide people through the right foods to choose to eliminate toxins from the body. Focusing on plant-based, high-liquid, nutrient-dense, low calorie, fermented foods. It’s also important to get moving and sweat it out! From having a hot bath, to saunas, to exercising.
6. What is your number 1 tip/advice for cleansing our bodies?
Drink lots of water! When the body is dealing with small niggling issues, it’s often simply a matter of dehydration.We put our body through so much stress by not drinking enough water. Many people think they are drinking a lot, but when you ask them what liquids they are drinking they reply “store-bought juices, or soft drink.” Lots of people also think they are drinking enough water from tea or coffee, but these drinks are actually diuretics. A handy hint is to set a timer on your phone to remind you to drink a glass of water. I recommend aiming for at least 8 glasses of water a day. Roughly 2 litres. I love to start each day with a turmeric tea. I’ll get some fresh turmeric (or turmeric powder if not on hand) with some warm water and sip on that all morning. It’s the perfect digestive kick-starter.
7. How regularly should we ‘cleanse’?
I like to look at the seasons. Our body goes through different phases, just like Mother Earth does with seasons. I like to think that every season we should be doing a little cleanse. Even if it’s just 2 or 3 days. It’ll help give your body time to reach its optimum peak again. So to answer shortly: 4 times a year, when the seasons change.
8. What do you think about intermittent fasting?
There are different types of intermittent fasting. Those that involve fasting for entire days, such as the 5:2 diet plan popularised by Dr Michael Mosley, which involves fasting for two days of the week. And the types that just involve eating for only a certain amount of hours a day and perhaps skipping a meal or two. There are also a lot of religions and cultures that have realized the benefits of intermittent fasting and have been practising it for centuries. For example there is a tribe in the Himalayas that only drinks prune juice on a Monday. It gives their liver the time to cleanse and get rid of heavy metals. I personally am a big believer of skipping meals if you’re not hungry and not eating for the sake of it. Dr Mercola talks about the benefits of rebooting your metabolism by stopping eating in the early evening and not eating until midday the following day. Instead of your body constantly burning sugars, it can start burning fat as its primary fuel, which in turn can help shed unwanted weight. I think you need to listen to your body and see what works for you. No one diet fits every body. And I also believe that your body has daily nutrient requirements for a reason. So fasting for long periods of a time is not ideal and is stressful on your body.
9. In terms of a juice detox, do you have any recommendations?
There are a lot of detoxes out there at the moment that are detrimental to our health and don’t provide enough nutrients to be categorized as a detox. For example the Lemon Detox Diet! That’s why we created the Food Matters 3 Day Detox. To provide people a healthy alternative that we personally do ourselves, that we know works, won’t leave you hangry (hungry/angry) and provides you with nutrient-rich foods. It’s not a pure juice detox, as includes some light meals such as a delicious green salad and potassium broth soup. We’ve made it easy for people to access all the time with our video program, mobile app, ebook and printed book. If you’re really wanting to do a juice-only detox though, then I recommend steering clear of too much fruit and trying stick to alkalizing, green, veggie based juices. 
pssttt. The Food Matters Team also have a guide to buying Juicers – link here 
10. If we were to do a juice detox at home, how much should liquid we be consuming and how frequently should we be doing so? 
If you’re going to do a juice detox at home look for alkalizing, green, veggie based juices. It’s all about getting high quality, organic, raw living foods into your system. I personally would be incorporating a few light meals – like we do with our Food Matters 3 Day Detox, but if you were to go juice-only, I would just drink as much as your body needs. Some people will be ok with only four juices a day, whereas some people’s bodies might need six to eight. Just remember to resist adding too many high-sugar fruits and vegetables (carrots for example) to your juices. Leafy greens are your best friend!
11. What do you recommend for first time cleansers/juicers?
If you’re cleansing for the first I highly recommend preparing your body first. If you are eating high-processed heavy foods, and then start a cleanse the next day, your body is going to punish you. It’s best to give your body the opportunity to slowly ease into it. That means be observant before the detox of what you’re putting in your body, and start to cut down on sugar, high-processed foods, alcohol and coffee. This way when you start your detox, hopefully you have fewer withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, fuzzy brain etc. For first time juicers I can’t stress enough how important it is to refrain from adding too much fruit to your juice. Stay as alkaline as possible. Green, alkalizing, low sugar fruits. If you’re not used to drinking green juices, add just half an apple for sweetness and perhaps some lemon to help cut the “green” taste. Slowly once your taste buds adjust (and they will) you won’t need that apple.
12. Do you have a go-to juice recipe for us all to kick start our cleansing process?
Yes! My favorite is our Green Detox Juice. It’s two kale leaves, two to three celery stalks, one small cucumber, a handful of parsley, 1/2 an apple and small lemon/lime peeled. It’s delicious and so great for replenishing your body’s cells.
Thank you SO much for your time! Your answers can help everyone reading, from the beginners to the experts! I am so grateful to have received such a wealth of knowledge from your answers and I’m sure all who are interested in cleansing are more than equipped to now proceed appropriately! I sure know what I’ll be starting the day with tomorrow – that turmeric tea sounds incredible!
If you are interested in attending the Food Matters Tour, the details are as followed & you can book your tickets online!
Purchase Tickets: www.foodmatters.com.au
Images from Food Matters Facebook. 

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