Paddington Deli & Epicure – where you don’t have to feel guilty about French Cuisine

We all seem to be confused as to how the French remain so thin. Think about it – butter, bread, sauce and all things GOOD but for many, considered naughty. How do they do it? Rest assured, Paddington Deli & Epicure will show you how.

Their produce is the highest quality they can find, it’s hand selected, tasted and trialled before it even reaches the menu. Annie, the owner, goes to the most admirable efforts to ensure everything is the best it can be – which is why it is. It’s rare to find colours, preservatives and artificial things (*crap) in high quality & local produce, which is why Paddington Deli & Epicerie is most definitely a favourite for the health conscious and foodie folk alike.

With much success from their breakfast, lunch and retail offerings (you can find PLENTY of organic & local produce to take home with you), and a new chef in the kitchen, the Deli has extended their culinary repertoire launching dinners – and you are sure in for a treat.

The menu encapsulates all things French and the atmosphere is most inviting. Candle lit dinner with fresh seasonal produce, traditionally prepared by a very talented chef? Take my money.

The pictures you are likely to already by drooling over are just a snippet of the menu, and how could you not be won over with the pork, apple and peas combination (#obsessedwithpeas). Additional highlights include:

  • ‘Sous Vide’ Pork Belly, Du Puy Lentil, Kale, Pumpkin Maple & Creme Fresh [superfood alert!]
  • Confit Duck Leg, Saffron Kipfler, heriloom carrots & blueberries

The menu is of course delicately matched with wine and you can expect a combination of Australian and French Varieties. This liquor license has been a long time coming for Paddington Deli & Epicerie and it is such a delight to see the European style bistro up and running for night time dining. They are currently opening their doors for Fridays & Saturday evenings from 6pm, though due to popular demand are considering additional days (thank goodness for us all!). For the same popular demand, bookings are essential, so see details below to secure a very special French experience.

The Essentials

Paddington Deli & Epicerie, 153-155 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington (Google Map)

Ph: (07) 3367 8819



IG: @paddingtondeli

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