My new favourite superfood! Cactus… Wait?!

Haven’t you heard? Prickly pears are now on the menu! Just kidding, not literally prickly pears, but rather Nopal Cactus, an edible plant originating in Mexico!

Why is it so great?

Well, the plant grows in the volcanic soils of central Mexico, where it develops a significantly high mineral portfolio. The prickly plant is one of the lowers GI plant-based foods, is super rich in antioxidants AND is an excellent source of calcium and has even been found to reduce blood sugar & cholesterol levels in Type 2 Diabetes patients!

Why has it taken us so long to find it? 

Well, it actually hasn’t. Archaeologists have dated the remains of Nopal cactus in the diet WAY back to 65 B.C. (apparently), but, none the less, it is well recognised for its medicinal effects and a there have been several recent studies that explore it’s medical uses.

Do I like it?

YES! I love it! I was first introduced to it in Pressed Juices Spring Range, ‘The Sour Cherry’. I can drink the Sour Cherry daily, it’s so cleansing and just like an ice tea. As a part of the Cleanse range, it’s well recognised for its digestive benefits and is usually the juice we suggest as the last juice of the day. Luckily I found out about Mama Nattura, so that I could play with this ingredient more at home and have unlimited home-style versions of the Sour Cherry (yes, I love it that much and my obsession could otherwise get a bit exy on the budget).

How is it made?

Mama Nattura’s Nopal Cactus Powder is created by sun-drying the fresh Nopal Cactus before it gets milled into a fine green powder. It’s 100% natural and is extremely nutritions, even more potent that the actual cactus flesh itself.


The Nopal Cactus powder can be consumed in smoothies, ice teas or pretty much anything you are making. My recipe suggestion is below! But Mama Natural describes the benefits as:

  • 50% of the recommended daily intake of calcium – prevent your bones going brittle and promote optimal nerve and muscle function
  • Low GI of 7 – will keep you going, and going, and going (who remember’s the Milo add?)
  • Rich in pectin, a soluble fiber (this is what helps out with reducing the blood sugar levels and maintaining satiety)
  • Prevents cell damage and protects your body from viruses (it’s well known for being anti-inflammatory!)
  • Contais 18 amino acids – boost the immune system (hollaaaa)
  • Fiber for digestive health (1 tbsp provides more than 25% of the RDI of fiber!)

Where do you get it?

Well, I know there are some results when you search for it on google, but I’ll be sticking to Mama Natura for their high quality, 100% natural product. Their details are as followed:



IG: @mamanattura

How do you have it?

Super simple, have it with anything. I recently made some ‘detox water’ (lol, just fruit in my water) and added a good tablespoon to this! I let it sit in the fridge all day and quench my incredible thirst in this seriously hot Brisbane weather!

Want to win some for yourself?

I have a few sample size packets and 1 large packet to giveaway!

To win a large packet of Nopal Cactus, comment below in response to ‘What would you make with Nopal Cactus?’ (note, only 1 winner)

To win a sample size packet of Nopal Cactus, head to Instagram & follow @kbsugarfree & @mamanattura + tag your friend in the comments of the Ice Tea photo! (note, more than 1 sample packet to be won)

Though the recipe’s quite simple, just to be sure:

Detox Water w. Nopal Catcus

1. Slice all of your favourite summer fruits (strawberries, lime, lemon, cucumber, peaches, oranges) and some fresh ginger

2. Fill a large glass jug with cool water (or as cool as you can get it from the tap #Australia)

NOTE: lots of ice may be required 

3. Mix through a tablespoon of Mama Natura Nopal Cactus Powder


Images a mixture of my own and those from Mama Natura’s Facebook.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to convey medial advice or to substitute advice from a medical professional. If you are seeking medical advice, are pregnant or if you are on medication, it is integral that you talk to a qualified health professional.

3 thoughts on “My new favourite superfood! Cactus… Wait?!

  1. Definitely would make some sparkling ice green tea with Nopal Cactus powder inspired by your post and to beat the summer heat

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