NKB Express: What’s healthy on the menu?

Step into NKB Express and you step back in time! This 1940’s inspired diner definitely has you doing the time warp with their quintessential theming and menu – it honestly is like stepping into an American diner – similar to the one in Grease!

So the ‘American Food’ trend has certainly hit the streets and NKB Express do it well (for those who love it) – think Burgers, Hot Dogs, Waffles and Shakes BUT don’t despair, if your dinner date says your headed here, don’t cancel on them! Trust us, there is definitely something for those who prefer something a little less sweet (because we know you’re sweet enough already 😉 ).

So while your date is chowing down on hot chips (each to their own), we will take this opportunity to let you know that NKB Express have ‘naked burgers’ as an option, and you can request any burger on their menu in this way (they call it ‘Chinatown’)! Yippee! We love this! A ‘naked burger’ is a burger where lettuce replaces the bun, so you get a delicious burger but more in a ‘salad’ style – this also makes all of the NKB Express burger options paleo friendly and gluten free!

Of all the burger options, we couldn’t go past the ‘Soho’ which is the NKB Express token vegetarian option – chickpea patty, Spanish onion, grilled zucchini, soft feta + tomato relish. If you’re trying to be super good, ask for the sauce on the side so you can add to your liking.

Also, if you hadn’t heard…it’s NKB EXPRESS’S FIRST BIRTHDAY! YIPPEE!!

To celebrate, they have a ‘bucket o’ prawns’ offer available for a limited time! And we all know summer is the perfect time to enjoy fresh seafood on ice! Delish!


The Essentials

 NKB Express

100 Coonan Street


Website: nkbexpress.com.au/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nkbexpress/

Instagram: @nkbexpress

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