It is an absolute pleasure to publicly introduce Emma, a key contributor for kbsugarfree.

As some of you may know, I can’t be in 5 places at once, so I have a few contributors who go on my behalf. Emma is one of the originals who continues to supply the goods and she is a true representative of all things kbsugarfree.

Emma’s passion for health and fitness is continuously inspiring and you may have seen her healthifying way around the menus of Nantucket Kitchen Bar, Queen of Pops and Mundo Churrasco (and many more). Emma is just as keen as we all are to divulge the healthy options we may all never suspect to be there, ultimately proving once and for all that eating out can  be apart of a healthy diet!

Enough from me,  I’ll let Emma’s answers do the talking for you!

Meet Emma Judd, health and fitness enthusiast!

To give some background, what might the average day of Emma Judd look like?

An average day in the “life of Emma” pretty much revolves around fitness, food and digital marketing.

Fitness: Athletica, Romans, Panthers or Hollywood are words you’ll here me use interchangeably, depending on the day of the week. These are all epic training sessions offered at F45 Paddington and given I go 6 days a week, you can take it from me that this gym is a tone of fun and amazingly addictive!

Food: Breakfast is my FAVOURITE meal of the day and I love, love, love my homemade super simple overnight oats:

Chobani + oats + mango + chia seeds, topped with Mayver’s spread – breakfast perfection! 

Snacks are a must and usually consist of protein-based deliciousness such as a protein ball + a small coffee, or an Amazonia RAW slim & tone protein shake on almond milk/water.

For lunch and dinner, I’ve recently shaken things up a bit as I have been seeing nutritionist, Jackie Morgan from Well Hub Nutrition. Jackie is a super star and has given me some simple, delicious, healthy recipes specific to my goals and I’m already seeing results after just a few weeks! *Happy Dance*

Digital Marketing: I’m a digi nerd with a passion for all things health and fitness – my IG account is a reflection of that! Another love of mine is this great state that is @queensland – and I’m lucky enough to work with a brilliant bunch of people at Tourism and Events Queensland! Share your QLD happy snaps with #thisisqueensland 😉


Where does your passion for health and wellness originate from? 

I know the people who I am forever thankful for, for opening my eyes to what ‘health’ and ‘wellness’ really meant and they are Jason Clark and Brent Coglan – super coaches at Perform360.

Since doing my first ever 8-week challenge with these guys back in 2013, losing +4kgs (that I didn’t think I had to lose!) and feeling the best I have ever felt, I have never looked back! From those 8 weeks, I have continued on with a healthy lifestyle, more knowledgeable of making good food choices and training for the love of training.

While I think it’s important to #TreatYoSelf (oh hello nodo donuts 😛 ), the most eye opening moment for me was learning to read a food label. It freaked me out realising what I DIDN’T know I was putting into my body (all the hidden nasties in “every day” foods – grose)! To this day, I am a lover of whole, REAL foods and try to live a balanced lifestyle – pretty much living an breathing the ‘KBSugarfree’ ideals.

What is your go to recipe in your kitchen? 

I have to admit I am loving all of my Well Hub Nutrition recipes! One of Jackie’s recipes has become my ‘go to’ snack, and that is the chocolate protein balls:

Well Hub Nutrition: Chocolate Protein Balls – makes 12

1/4C Protein Powder (I use Amazonia RAW slim & tone)

1/2C Rolled Oats

2Tbsp Cacao Powder

2Tbsp Dark Chocolate Mayver’s Spread

3 Medjool Dates, Pitted

2Tbsp Coconut Oil, Melted

Blend all ingredients in a food processor, roll into 12 balls and store in the fridge.

Do you have a favourite (or top 3) cafe in Brisbane? 

I love all of the health focused cafes in Brisbane, but if I had to choose my top three, I would have to say:

– Pineapple Express Café, Portside

– Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen, West End

Charlie’s Raw Squeeze, Everton Park


It’s Sunday brunch and you’re at your favourite cafe (above), what’s your go to menu item? 

This one is EASY! Here are my top menu picks:

– Pineapple Express Café – Protein Waffles

– Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen – Toast n’ Toppings (all of the things!)

– Charlie’s Raw Squeeze – Acai Bowl (best in Brisbane according to KBSugarfree)

If you’re at a new cafe for breakfast, what do you look for on the menu and what do you recommend avoiding?

Below are some of the staples I look for on a menu, but obviously each café adds their own fun flare! Some of my top menu picks include:

– On sweet days: Acai Bowl or Bircher Muesli

– On savoury days: Poached Eggs with Avocado on Rye

I love breakfast to be my ‘refuel’ as opposed to making me feel heavy and sluggish. For this reason, these are the breakfast items I recommend avoiding:

– Anything with ice-cream – i.e. thick shakes, buttermilk pancakes with ice-cream

– Dishes with heavy/creamy sauces – i.e. eggs benedict

Top 3 tips to ordering at a ‘normal restaurant/cafe’ (I.e. Not one that is specifically health focused) for lunch/dinners? 

Over time I’ve collected tips from IG accounts including @kbsugarfree , @kaylaitsines and @the_healthy_me, so these tips are probably all things you’ve heard before, but they are all considered in my food selection process to ensure what I’m eating won’t hinder my health and fitness goals.

1. Look for meals with balance – thinking about the size of a plate, I look for meals that look to offer: ¼ protein ¼ carbs & ½ veggies/salad. I will usually order a side of veggies if I don’t feel there will be enough in the main meal.

2. Ask for sauce on the side – so you can control the sauce-y-ness.

3. Look for grilled meats (grilled chicken/fish) and avoid anything deep-fried – I will always ask before ordering if the menu isn’t clear.

Favourite way to work out in Brisbane? 

There is no doubt that F45 Paddington is my favourite way to workout in Brisbane! HIIT is their jam, and trainers Shaun and Chayse are all about making F45 Paddington more than just a gym!

F45ers train together and support each other through each work out – it’s a great ‘team training’ environment. However, the greatness goes on, as F45 Paddington also offer Trailblazers Run Club. Trailblazers is a brilliant opportunity to take our training into the great outdoors. With Brisbane as your backdrop, running along the Brisbane riverwalk, or taking on the Kangaroo Point stairs, even if your legs are feeling jelly, you know your team around you are there cheering you on which gives you that extra boost.

Your secret healthy indulgence? 

‘Healthy indulgences’, ‘sometimes foods’, ‘cheat meals’…call them what you will. These are my not-so-secret loves that everyone should try at least once in their life:

– Nodo Donuts – Maple Pumpkin Donut

– I Heart Brownies – Dairy Free Chocolate Brownie

– Sol Natural Foods – Vegan Pumpkin Pizza

Follow me on Instagram: @emajudd

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