A Guide to a Healthy Australia Day

So, you made the resolutions on NYE. Maybe you spent the first half of the next day hung over, but sure enough you have been well on track to making up for all of those well deserved festive celebrations! But two weeks or so on and your faced with another challenge – Australia Day.

It’s Australia’s national excuse to well, pretty much, get drunk. And of course, eat leamingtons. Maybe there will be another pavlova too (check my sugar free pavlova recipe here) and there is every temptation for those NYE resolutions to go on hold for just the day.

Save yourself the many regrets the next day with some simple tricks to keeping your Australia Day sugar free, including my latest recipe ‘Sugar Free Lamington Cake Pops’ below.

Activities that don’t involved getting drunk

  • BEACH (of course)
  • BEACH & ACAI – Inaugural Acai Brothers Wellington Point Aussie Day Eat Off (though I’ll be heading to their Mooloolabah store for acai, beach and bliss!)
  • HEALTHY BBQ or picnic – Miss Bliss Style!
    • Swap those snags on the BBQ with something much healthier, catered for my the Miss Bliss Whole Food Kitchen. The team have created some delicious, Aussie inspired, summer salads like Crunchy Raw Salad w/ mustard dressing (V, GF) or the Outback Pineapple and Mint Salad (V, GF)! (pictured below)
  • Visiting a waterfall (I saw this awesome article for  Brisbane’s best waterfalls)
  • Bush walk – Mt Cootha has A LOT of tracks!
  • Hire a stand up paddle board for the day – lake, river, ocean these are SO much fun

What to drink (if you must 😉 )

  • Vodka

The lowest sugar content in alcohol lies with vodka. Obviously expecting you to drink this straight is well, a completely unreasonable. Soda water and lime is a perfect combination but if your only new to the #sodaandlime order then mix up some fresh berries, mint, lime and lemon in a large pitcher and enjoy slowly (#safedrinking people). If you have some edible essential oils lying around, try a drop of ginger for a ginger ale twist and a drop or two of stevia or a little rice malt syrup (or sweetener of choice – use sparingly and try and ween yourself off this when you can)

This pre-mix drink is very low in sugar compared to other pre-mixes. Try avoiding ‘sugar free’ premixes as they will mostly just involve nasty chemicals to keep it super sweet. 

  • Wine (dry)

If you avoid sweeter blends (moscato etc.) and look for dry, organic and preservative free bottles. Not only are these better for your body, they also ‘apparently’ help with the hangovers. A lovely mix is fresh fruit and soda water for a healthier ‘sparkling’ version (NOTE: avoid sparkling wine) and of course hit the reds when it starts to get dark, they have even less sugar and will keep you safe instead of getting #trashed. 

What to avoid at the BBQ

  • Skip the sauce 
    • All sauces will contain a bit of sugar, if not a lot. If your craving tomato sauce, seek the fresh tomatoes instead (will give you the same satisfaction). Red onions will help with favour if thats what you feel you are lacking and of course add those healthy fats (feta, avo) + salt (pink) and pepper to keep your food flavoursome! 
  • Say no to the relishes
    • Yes, your nan make make a fabulous relish and it will go perfectly well with that fresh barbecued meat and veg BUT any nan will tell you that it’s not just a pinch of sugar that goes in that jar – it’s literally all that relish is made of + fruit or some veg. The sugar content is not something you will be thanking later on. Follow the above tips for adding flavour to your meal + find some organic mustard (I prefer the Macro brand from woolies) that doesn’t have sugar added to it – it will satisfy that flavour your craving. 
  • Anything sweet i.e. dessert
    • Opt for fruit or cheese instead and scout out that nut bowl to numb all sugar cravings
    • OR better yet, bring your own desert – find a healthy alternative for pav here and for lamingtons below!


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Sugar Free Lamington Cake Pops

  • 1 cup almond meal
  • 2 tbsp liquid sweetener (I used RnG’s Organic Coconut Nectar)
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • ¼ cup raspberries (fresh or frozen)
  • ¼ cup dessicated coconut

Raw Chocolate for coating:

  • 2 tbsp coconut oil (melted) to 1 tbsp cacao powder


  • Combine the dry ingredients (not the Raw Chocolate ingredients) in a bowl and stir well
  • Slowly add the wet ingredients into the dry mixture and combine via hand or in a food processor
  • Roll mixture into balls and allow to set in the freezer
  • Remove from the freezer & insert cake sticks into the balls
  • Dip the balls into the Raw Chocolate mixture – return to fridge of freezer to allow chocolate to set (you could do two layers if you like!)



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