Gluten Free Goodness at Cruisers Cafe Bar & Grill

I know they say that ‘Gluten Free isn’t necessarily healthy’, and I 100% agree, but I also recognise those poor souls that aren’t out their to boast about their new found ‘intolerances’ or ‘diets’, but are in fact completely allergic to gluten. The coeliac. This one’s for you guys.

It’s not hard these days to find a gluten free option on a menu but it certainly isn’t easy to find a menu dedicated to being gluten free. Well, Cruisers’ menu has done just that and you will have endless opportunity to dine sore-tummy free.

Cruisers Cafe Bar and Grill is located in the beautiful Portside Wharf complex where it offers alfresco dining and a GLUTEN FREE FRYER. This means you can enjoy your calamari and crispy fish completely stress free, as opposed to being warned of ‘traces of gluten’ (sometimes, the warning just won’t do). You see, if items that contain gluten are cooked within the same fryer as those that don’t contain gluten, then your food isn’t going to be gluten free. That’s why it’s super considerate (and something to boast about) that Cruisers have guaranteed a gluten free fryer.

Now, that’s not to say we at kbsugarfree endorse deep fry foods. BUT we do endorse moderation and if you’re coeliac and haven’t been able to enjoy truly gluten free calamari then allow us to restore that opportunity for moderation. We tried the dish and can truly endorse it, along with pretty much most of the menu.

So, what do we actually recommend? Well, we can’t go past a traditionally slow cooked meal so the Lamb Ragu was a must (think of all those health & gut benefits!) and the Lamb Salad was loaded with all of our favourites (sweet potato, pepitas, feta & rocket) so is not to be missed. If there were more of us we would have also loved the smoked salmon salad, grilled fish or the chicken breast fresh off the grill! But alas, with only two people dining, we couldn’t exactly fit it all in! On a entree note, you are in for a treat if you indulge in the Duck Liver Pate, which we found out was award winning and believe that to be rightfully so!

You can get your gluten free fix at Cruisers Cafe Bar and Grill 7 days a week and we certainly endorse this #soretummyfree menu – all day, every day!

The Essentials;

Cruisers Cafe Bar and Grill

Shop 7 Portside Wharf,  39 Hercules Street

Hamilton, QLD




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