Darling & Co, of course!


You know those restaurants and cafes that you just love and can’t help but return to? You know the ones you always take your out of town friends and family to, because you know it’s going to please all. Well, that’s what we call a favourite. And we have a new one, along with the rest of the Paddington community. Welcome, Darling & Co.

It’s not hard to fall in love with Darling & Co, it’s interior to start, it’s drinks range to impress and it’s menu to promise yourself you’ll be coming back. Sharing is caring, and thankfully our guest was open to sharing a few dishes, because one person cannot handle the FOMO (fear of missing out) by just ordering one item off the menu. It’s not possible. There is just too much goodness.

It will please the health focused, the gluten free aunty, the dairy free sister, the steak loving father and the high-standard mother. The menu integrates traditional methods like slow cooking, with modern techniques like Bug Ravioli with shellfish emulsion!

The part we loved most were all of the (v) (gf) and (df) labels throughout the menu. We know for sure that you don’t need an intolerance to enjoy those guidelines, it makes clean eating while dining out about 100 x easier. Enjoy your dining out experience without the guilt, that’s the (best) take home message here!

The Essentials;

Darling & Co Paddington


Website: darlingpaddington.com.au

Instagram: @darlingpaddington

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Darlingandcopaddington/

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