Shop Guilt Free at Brisbane’s Metre Market

Image via @lunar.creative

Brisbane has turned on some exceptional Spring weather recently, so what better time to enjoy some gilt free shopping at our very own Metre Markets.

The Metre Market is hosted at Morningside School of Arts and showcases many talented artists, including local designers and businesses with clothing, arts and crafts and plants. The focus of the markets is all on sustainability which along with being sugar free, we also love and support (call us Sarah Wilson protégés).

While we all consider recycling our papers and plastics, many of us may not have thought about the impacts of recycling our wardrobe. Metre Market highlights the benefits on energy, water and non renewable resources that are used to make new goods.

In addition to feeling great about buying clothes and saving energy, all the stall owners are passionate about their projects and keen to chat to interested shoppers about their process, materials and drive.

Amongst the art culture there is, of course, food. And obviously coffee, a necessity to starting a Sunday. You’ll find Hi-Yo Silver coffee located in the vintage silver-bullet style caravan, where cheeky baristas serve up smooth and delicious coffee (the banter from the barista also gets bonus points).

There’s also iced tea, food trucks and our personal favourite, My Plate Clean Treats. As official test tastes for you all (not really) we can definitely recommend meatballs from Abbiocco Food Truck, they are simply AMAZING and sooooo full of flavour, juicy and tender.

Should this market be on your weekend agenda? We say yes.

The Essentials

Next Market: Keep an eye out on social media for the next scheduled date

Where: Morningside School of Arts – CNR Wynnum Road and Ison Street

Cost: Metre Market is free all ages event.


Instagram: @metremarket


Image Via @dinebrisbane

Written by Steph Brown (@brownricekitchen), KBS Contributor and Clean Eating & Meal Prepping Enthusiast

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