Is ZUU for YOU?

Okay, it’s official, we have found your NEW workout and you are going to LOVE it!

To be honest when we rocked up to Zuu Head Quarters in Burleigh Heads, for the grand opening of Iron Zuu, we didn’t really know what to expect. The description of the workout said that IronZuu is the workout that rivals cross-fit… so we guess we knew it was going to be hard, we just didn’t know how hard! 

The atmosphere of the event was electric. We quickly learned that Zuu was not only about keeping fit but also about camaraderie. Everyone was there to support each other, encourage each other and help push each other to achieve the best. We left feeling like we had known these people for years. 


Whoops getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Lets backtrack.

Before we were able to hit the gym for our 15 minute sweat sesh we met with our group for a warmup. I’m not going to lie when I say the warm up was a workout in itself. We were dripping with sweat before we even entered the gym. The encouragement from the trainers was inspiring though and we felt pumped to keep going. They were happy as long as you were putting in 100%. It didn’t matter if you couldn’t squat as low, or run as fast as the person next to you as long as you did your best and kept trying.

The workout was intense but we enjoyed every moment. Iron Zuu is the unique 50/50 mix of free weights with movement. Zuu movements are used to mobilise the joins, prevent injury, strengthen your cardiovascular, ligaments and tendons. Free weights have just been added to the programme, specifically dumbbell techniques. Zuu syates that the 50/50 combination increases strength and burns body fat, and this helps with overall performance. 


We loved every minute of our work out with @zuufitness and recommend everyone to get in the gym and give it a try! 

If you have any questions swing a message through to Dirk Gardner – +61 424746496 or otherwise jump online


@anika.raya xx

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