Two years ago i made a decision to change my lifestyle, my habits and improve my health. I decided to share the journey which resulted from this decision through an Instagram account called kbsugarfree. Kbsugarfree has become my passion and a means to share this passion with other like minded foodies. The Instagram community is increasingly growing and provides the opportunity to meet others who have similar interests and passions, and i have loved every minute of my involvement for the past two years.

Starting with quitting sugar all together, i have broadened my health perspective to include the variations and different opinions that other health and lifestyle philosophies. Now for me, its all about listening to your body, what it wants, what it doesn’t want and how it reacts to certain foods and behaviour. I listen to my body because it wants the best for itself to enable me to be the best i can be.

Healthy living is my passion. Food and cooking go hand in hand with that passion. And dining inevitably fits that mix. I am driven to always find healthy alternatives, but I always allow for opportunities to treat myself, and for me, treating myself is not cooking, not cleaning but enjoying a delicious wholesome meal prepared with love by someone else.

My instagram has provided me with the opportunity to listen, learn, grow and network amongst some of the most inspirational and driven people that i have ever met. From producers to nutritionalists, it has been an incredible journey so far and i forever am excited for the future my Instagram and lifestyle hold.

I’ve seized the opportunity to expand my Instagram to this website, where i am able to provide more for my amazing followers, fellow foodies and fellow Brisbane residents. The ‘My Kitchen’ will essentially be an expansion of Kbsugarfree’s original instagram, while the ‘Brisbane’s Kitchen’ will be the new directive I’ve taken – reviewing and showcasing the best of Brisbane’s restaurants, cafes and events. So far, my work in Brisbane’s Kitchen has been both thrilling and motivating! I love exploring Brisbane and all it has to offer, and then being able to share it with my followers to show them the opportunities they would also enjoy.

My philosophy for Brisbane’s Kitchen is to show that eating healthy and living a positive lifestyle is possible for everyone, no matter your circumstances. Its to demonstrate that healthy options are always available and that dining out is not something that should be avoided! Great company and great food are always going to produce the best times – and everyone should be able to participate in that! I will show you the options i choose, the options available and share the passion that businesses have for their chosen cuisine and menu.

I am driven to provide as much information and content as is possible, so that this website can be any foodie’s or healthy eater’s one stop shop to find a restaurant close to them and appropriate for their dietary needs and preferences. It will also be a hub for sharing recipes, health products, discussions, fellow blogger’s perspectives and essentially any thing to do with health, food and Brisbane!

I look forward to this new opportunity and working hard to provide you all with what you most want and need from kbsugarfree!

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  1. Just found your blog, can’t wait to browse around and follow you on your journey from here. Great inspiration as I’ve just started a sugar-free year myself 🙂

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