Brisbane’s Kitchens

I am all about sharing the incredible options and opportunities which Brisbane and its beautiful surroundings have to offer! This section of the website is dedicated to the reviews of Brisbane’s restaurants, cafes and festivals which all have something (big or small) to offer for those who are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are gluten free, dairy free, raw, vegan, vegetarian – i want to showcase the fantastic options that are available to you all over Brisbane!

One thing i wish for everyone to keep in mind is that everyone has a different opinion of healthy living, and in the end it all comes down to ‘A matter of perspective’. Some people have preferences for certain diets and food groups while others may strongly oppose such preferences. We have enough arguments being battled in our society and the nitty gritty of defining a ‘healthy lifestyle’ and choosing which diet comes out as the best ISNT something that should join those battles. We need to love and respect those around us and their choices in life, no matter how damaging you may believe them to be.

In saying this, that is why i will be broadening my reviews to include something for everyone, but I’m going to make sure that i continue to be genuine to myself and my values. I will share with you the options available, the option i chose and why, but i will never reprimand other menu items or criticise the ‘unhealthiness’ of a product. If you want to treat yourself, i want you to be able to search on ‘kbsugarfree’ for places to treat yourself! I know that many who lead a nourishing lifestyle prefer to not involve themselves with alcohol, but ill be honest with you right here and now that i LOVE a nice glass of wine, and yes, sometimes i love 2 or 3 more. Sometimes i will try a cocktail (though ill generally steer clear of bubble gum troubles and fairy floss fun), and yes, i occasionally celebrate with champagne. Because thats what i choose to do, and i know others choose to and choose not to, but thats why you WILL see reviews for alcohol on this website, which i hope will not offend the majority of you. I believe most of you are all passionate foodies or healthies and are accepting of new things and different options, but i thought i would provide this disclosure just in case 🙂

So join me as i travel through Brisbane to provide you with the best this beautiful city has to offer! Any recommendations or suggestions are appreciated (and encouraged!)

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