1 Product | 5 Recipes eBook

I am so excited to share with you all that in the midst of my last semester of Uni – I have completed my first eBook (which you can officially download here)

It’s been a long time coming but is something I am super excited to share it with you all!


Cover Sneak Peak

The idea has come from an all to frequent pattern that I see existing within the health industry – unused products AND/OR people resisting buying really great products for their limited uses. What I mean by this is that people might buy a protein and then struggle to find ways to use that protein besides the obvious – a protein shake.

Protein powders have so many more uses than a smoothie! Not only can they add delicious flavour to recipes, they are also nutrient-dense and therefore can add a whole lot of nutritional benefits to your recipes (note: if you’re choosing the right ones!).

If you have ever been deterred from buying a protein or health product, then this eBook (and the many more to come) are going to be your best friend – which is why I have created them! I want you to treat yourself to that product you have always been eyeing off and then know you have access to a variety of recipes to use it in!

It’s more benefit for your money and also ensures that you are getting the nutrition your body needs!

Noted above, you have to be choosing the right products to get the right benefits. I am going to be using products in these eBooks that I know, love and trust, so it’s no surprise to anyone that the first eBook uses Amazonia’s products! A company I have long used and trusted, their Raw range was the perfect solution to my budding question of where to start!

Amazonia’s Raw Cacao & Coconut Protein is not only delicious, but it’s also super nutritious! You can find all the details as to WHY I chose this specific product to start, in the eBook of course!

p.s. you also get a super sweet 15% discount code within the eBook for the Amazonia Raw Cacao & Coconut Protein – so if you don’t already have it, you have no excuses not to buy it! 5 recipes and a discount? Who could say no!

Especially when the going rate is $4.95 😉

So, what can you expect? 5 wholesome, balanced and delicious recipes with simple ingredients & methods. Super easy to make and even easier to enjoy! If this eBook doesn’t prove that eating healthy is easy then I don’t know what will!

Download the eBook here!

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